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Whats the worst online business ideas of 2020? this is what you should NOT be doing in 2020 and are not the best ideas.
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The best business ideas 2020 are not always going to work for you. Most people will tell you the best ideas but it's time I show you the worse online business ideas in 2020. making money online is a little harder right now do you need to choose the right online business.

If you are looking for some business ideas at home then you need to watch this entire video. You might think Amazon FBA is a good business to start, it's really not at all. What about social media marketing agency? nope, don't even bother starting that. It's important that you understand 2020 is going to be a bad year for business.

So what is the best business to start in 2020? In my opinion i think it's affiliate marketing because you don't rely on having your own product. It's easy to get free traffic for your affiliate marketing products as well. i you would like more information on how to start an affiliate marketing business check out my videos below.

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    32 replies to "7 WORST Online Business Ideas To Start In 2020!"

    • tony v

      Hope life is good for you Franklin you’ve been putting out some awesome content lately

      • Franklin Hatchett

        Yea not bad just chillin 🙂

    • Franklin Hatchett

      Online replying to ALL questions!

      • Pat Warrington

        how much you take for sponsored deal?

      • Marcelino Nobrega

        Hallo yes o want thys for my

    • Raed Shuaib

      Legend says if you come early Franklin pins your comment

      • Franklin Hatchett

        Technically, I was the earliest 😉

    • john wick

      Can you do an updated video on clickfunnels ?

      • Franklin Hatchett

        Sure 🙂

    • Cocktails 2020

      I will try to understand the English language, content appears useful

    • Mihail Dimovski

      Hey Frank awesome video as always! I would like to ask you how much do you need to start solid affiliate marketing business?

      • HomeschoolAffiliate

        Very cheap! You can start around $100 or so

    • Tim

      nice content keep up the great content

    • Jason Lim MMO

      Thanks for sharing Franklin! Totally agreed with SMMA a bad business idea to start in 2020. Personally, I run a digital marketing agency and it has been harder to find new clients during this period.

    • Shaneil Johnson

      How do you feel about wholesaling real estate and dropshipping?

      • Franklin Hatchett

        We probably wont see the affect these 2020 issues with have on real estate for a while. I personally would chill on real estate for a while. I personally haven’t had any issues with drop shipping. I know a lot of people who have some delayed shipping times but thats really it. It could get worse though.

    • Maid sama

      Recession: Best time to spend on ads to get a competitive edge since big companies cut their ad budgets

      • Franklin Hatchett


    • Liv

      I work as a digital marketing freelancer and I am kind of now, and at first I got a little in panic but I haven’t lose any clients, acuatlly its been very busy and I see lots of opportunities. Entrepreneurs and business wants to keep in touch with their clients (its time to make your connections stronger not to be forgivable), people are been more online than never so I see as a perfect opportunity to explore more this social medias, ads, I saw a great opportunity helping small and local business with their social medias, website, etc. If business likes restaurants are delivering per exemple, being more active in social medias makes a huge difference coveting this into sales, making people to actually call and make an order and go pick it up. Just got a new cliente; make up studio and she decided to use this time to actually learn more, so I pretty much create a “curse” (just explain some of “why’s with saying “how’s” in a fair way for both of us, so she can understand more about social medias algorithm and the importance of contente creation to drive sales while I lunch her website and she soon start selling online). So I feel its time to everyone use your creative powers and hungry to not give up, so who wants to start this kind or any tip of business, maybe, just start it a without put much money on it, once you are a beginner and the market isn’t been ordinary, instead use this time to create more relationships, trust, knowledge, experience is better than not doing nothing… All just my friendly opinion 🙂

    • Natural Formations

      Hi there Franklin, great content as always..quick question – I was told Amazon FBA is great to get into now if you plan to sell essential products? Apparently it’s a great opportunity at the moment but will require like $10,000 to get properly started.

      • Franklin Hatchett

        A platform full of people selling essential products is going to be very saturated and difficult. Sure it can be done but i wouldn’t recommend it beginners. I hear a lot of horror stories about people spend loads on products and the cant sell them, thats why I have never messed with it.

    • kachanski

      Your content during this time has been so valuable! Thank you for updating your content and being current. Since this situation changes daily having current information is so valuable. Thanks a million Franklin! 👍

    • Rainbowgirl144

      Thanks Franklin. Great content, much appreciated!

    • Don Zahir

      Hey Franklin, I´m trying to get into online business, but not sure if I should go for eCom or Affiliate marketing first?

      Thanks for the help

      • Kelli L

        I’m curious what his answer will be because I’m not nearly as educated about this topic as he is. Seems like it would be affiliate marketing so that you can see what people are buying first before you dump money into a ecom site, especially if you’re going private label (branding).

    • Deepak Mulgund

      Hey Franklin, after seeing a lot of your videos, i finally came to know that you can laugh too….😄😄, When u mentioned about bitcoin trading business…!!

    • I O

      Hey Franklin, thanks for the video! I am really interested in buying your E-commerce training, I am a beginner from the UK. However, would you advise starting an e-commerce business during this pandemic?

      • mark benoit

        Nooo He said affiliate marketing! That is what I do. Unless maybe you are selling toilet paper

      • I O

        mark benoit Thanks :D!

    • mark benoit

      Best business now would be SaaS.. Sortware as a service. Get on a platform that has an affiliate program and do a training on it. People who purchase will need to spend $$ on it monthly and you get a cut.. Far better than realestate

    • Ralf Straaberg

      Great video Franklin😀 I like the content. Keep it up 😊😊😊

    • Adam Patterson

      Been waiting for this 😌

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