Hi i’m Ian Leishman and I left school at 16 and got a 6 month youth training program in a car garage for £25 a week. After my 6 month period was over i was offered a car mechanic apprenticeship which i accepted.

During the next 4 years i learned how to fix cars and drive them too which was the best part as i hated fixing cars and getting covered in oil all the time.

I remember my sister was getting married and my mother had me standing at the kitchen sink with my hands in a sink of bleach to try and get the oil stains off.

Once my 4 year apprentice ship was completed i left the garage and went to labour to my Dad who was a bricklayer and was getting 3 times the money a time served car mechanic was getting which was £600.

With this huge amount of money every week i wanted to make more as i thought this was great at such a young age ( i was 20 years old ) and started to buy cheap cars clean them up and sell them.

My cousin had a taxi company which i then took over as he was emigrating to New Zealand and i got bored with that after 3 years and then drove lorries delivering parcels which i always hated doing too.

My next job was to be the railway which i absolutely loved as it was outside and you were doing a different job nearly everyday.

It was now while i was working on the railway and earning some really good money that i decided i wanted to invest in something else to earn more money and therefore i started looking on the internet typing into google things like how to make money,how to make money from home,how to get rich and so on.

I started subscribing to everything i seen online and buying everything that said i will make money if i buy this.

I carried on doing this for 12 years and never made much except for a couple of hundred dollars selling on ebay.

I went back to google again and done more research and discovered everyone was saying you need to have a coach or mentor ( someone who was already making money online and you can copy them )

I started looking for mentors and buying into there programs only to find most were rubbish and to make money you will need to buy this too and this and that which was only lining there pockets further and leaving me nearly broke.

It was then in 2016 i found another program which was a coaching program by a guy that has been successful online for over 15 years and is still my coach today.

It was his coaching program that helped me build this site which i’m still updating today as i’ve neglected it as i have been busy with affiliate marketing which is very profitable.

I’m still in the coaching program and will be learning how to create my own product soon which is where the big money is and you can get other people to sell it for you. I also have another couple of websites too which generates me a small monthly income which i will be listing on here soon too.

well that’s a bit about me and what i have been doing over the past few years and continue to do to this day as i just love the free time the internet gives me. click on the image below to learn from my mentor.


Ian Leishman