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How to build an email list fast and create an online business.
My Top 2 Methods…
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Creating an email list is one of the best things you can ever do to make money online. Once you have a list you can promote affiliate marketing products and make money. Every active email lead should be worth at least $1 to you.

The best way to grow and email list fast so you can earn some money online is simple… paid ads. You want to start running paid ads and sell something so it pays for that ads. All you want to do is make enough to pay back the ads then you build an email list for free! I would be great to make profit but this isn't the main focus when starting to build your email list.

When it comes to internet marketing and selling online it's important to collect leads and grow an email list. This is the biggest asset for most online businesses. You can make money online with your email list.

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    • Franklin Hatchett

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    • Andrew Colquhoun

      The best Franklin!

      • Franklin Hatchett

        Thanks 🙂

    • alex mercer

      Does cc video rank down in youtube

      • Franklin Hatchett

        What are you asking sorry?

      • alex mercer

        @Franklin Hatchett creative common videos

      • Franklin Hatchett

        @alex mercer No dont see why youtube would do that but I dont know for sure.

    • vincent s

      Hi Frank, do you think its a good idea to start and email list with ads and Send them a free pdf and then send them email swipes from vendors from Lets say clickbank.

    • Online Earning & Technical pro

      Nuc sr

    • Online Earning & Technical pro


    • Andres Montoya

      Hi Franklin, what is the best not for Facebook Messenger? What are you using for the push notifications when you have a new video? Thanks in advance for your help.

    • Bryce Henson

      Great stuff franklin. I feel like everything in a way is coming back to blogging. Get good at ranking on google and you get tons of free traffic that you can turn profitable.

    • sohail ahmed

      Hey Franklin can we promote your programs as an affiliate?? From where we can get affiliate link

      • Franklin Hatchett

        Our affiliate system is closed

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    • WiFi Cash Academy

      Thanks for the great email building methods. Your videos are like gold and have so much value. 🔥✌️

    • José Miguel Baztán

      Frank..regarding the video you uploaded 1 week ago about ranking in Google with the supporting article to get backlinks, I have the following question : what would you do for these articles? what would you recommend? 80 (1,000 words supporting articles linking to main article?) or 160 (500 words supporting articles linking to main article?) Thanks

    • Shahbaz ad

      You are amazing franklin..thank you for your valuable tips

    • Phoenix Rising

      👍THANKS for your info 🎁MERRY CHRISTMAS🎁 “TO EVERYONE” 🎄🎁❤

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