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Are you a Clickbank beginner looking to make money with Clickbank products? In this tutorial I show you a secret traffic method that you can use to get commissions in 2021.
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This is a great method for beginners because you control the traffic. You can either get money or slow depending on how you set this up. If you don't know what Clickbank is then let's first explain that. Clickbank is a market place where you can find products to promote. When you make a sale through your custom link you get paid.

With this method we will be using Quora ads for traffic. You can choose what keywords or interest you want to target and this is why paid advertising is the best. Before you start sending traffic you need to setup a blog post with call to actions. I will show you examples in this tutorial, so you can see how they should look. What you will be doing is finding a Clickbank products then writing about it on the website page. This is a create way for beginners to get started in 2021 and you can use a free blog.

Once you have found the Clickbank product, you want to promote and you have a website page setup it's time to get traffic. Sign up to Quora and start running ads. I show you in this tutorial how you can send traffic to your Clickbank offer that you are promoting.

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