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I made over $6,000 in 7 days on Clickbank sending two emails. This is great for beginners and I take you through the steps I used to make money on Clickbank in 2021.

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One of the best ways to make money with Clickbank is email marketing. In this tutorial I show you why you should build an email list. You wan't to do this because you can then promote products whenever you want. Having a profitable email list is like having a money printer.

Making money on Clickbank comes down to what products you promote to the right people. In most cases you will be promoting make money online products. To build up your email list fast the best way to do that is with advertising. Beginners can do this and I will show you how in this tutorial.

If you want the best affiliate marketing business in 2021 then this is the way to do it. You can also use free traffic method to collect leads. This way you don't need to put up any of your own money and it minimizes the risk.

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    20 replies to "Clickbank For Beginners: How I Made $6000 In 7 Days Sending 2 Emails! (Step By Step)"

    • Franklin Hatchett

      Hey guys winner from the last video below.
      Luke Williams
      🏆Tools I Use In This Video🏆
      * Best Email List Builder:
      * Thrive Suit:

    • Towhidul Islam Jayan

      Watching from Bangladesh 🇧🇩🇧🇩

    • Onkar Yadav

      Because …it has more products and high percentage of commission…😍

    • Heidi Green

      Clickbank is the best because they have the highest income potential on their products!

    • Comedy king

      This is amazing video telling real and practical tips to everyone, thanks a lot

    • Niladri Das

      Can you share the sheet that you made for marketing.

    • irakli kuchava

      Clickbank is the best because you can make money by selling other people’s products online 👍👌

    • Mark Harries

      Click bank is the best because of of the huge variety of products to promote.

    • Captain Haikal

      ClickBank is the best because it is easy to promote with all the tools and Mr.Franklin is giving me very good lessons 😎👍

    • Tony Công

      Click bank is the best because when you have commision in your account, it paid out every single week 😍

    • gamesgirl35

      Clickbank is the best because it’s easy to use and has high commissions

    • Ramesh Mondal

      This is best of all affiliate marketing video.I have learned a lot affiliate marketing from franklin hatchett Thank you

    • Jared Castro

      Clickbank is the best because of the opportunities you can find there.

    • Yevgeniy Kaufov

      Hello, i started to use Clickbank offers for a little while i got to the point of getting leads on regular basis but, i didn’t get any sales yet. I have all of your cources Franklin. I believe that i need some one in person to guide me thrpugh to the final step. How cam i get someone guide me to your next success story?

    • Isakbump 03

      ClickBank is the worst because you can’t use it worldwide

    • BigArshieV2

      I’ve been finding it hard to get consistent results with affiliate marketing

    • Steven Horne

      What do you think is the best lead magnet to use?

      I to create video tutorials or x steps to (desire) pdf, myself.

    • The Best Choice to Make Money

      Clickbank is the best because is easy to start and they have a high percentage commissions.

    • NIkola Tesla

      How can i promote my website or make it so everyone can see for free?


      clickbank is the best because it is the most trusted and user-friendly

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