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What Do You Do When Your Potential Clients Say, “I Don’t Like Long-Term Contracts”? Don’t Say What A Usual Salesperson Would Say. Dan Explains What To Do Instead. Want To Earn Side Income With Closing? Join The Global High Ticket Closer Community Here: 

When clients say “I don’t like long-term contracts”,  what can you do? Don’t say generic things like “this is our policy”. You have to dig deeper. In this video Dan Lok explains what to do when clients are reluctant to sign a long term contract with you. What will you implement after watching this video? Tell us in a comment below.


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Dan Lok has been viewed more than 1.7+ billion times across social media for his expertise on how to achieve financial confidence. And is the author of over a dozen international bestselling books.

Dan has also been featured on FOX Business News, MSNBC, CBC, FORBES, Inc, Entrepreneur, and Business Insider.

In addition to his social media presence, Dan Lok is the founder of the Dan Lok Organization, which includes more than two dozen companies – and is a venture capitalist currently evaluating acquisitions in markets such as education, new media, and software.

Some of his companies include,, High Ticket Closers, High Income Copywriters and a dozen of other brands.

And as chairman of DRAGON 100, the world’s most exclusive advisory board, Dan Lok also seeks to provide capital to minority founders and budding entrepreneurs.

Dan Lok trains as hard in the Dojo as he negotiates in the boardroom. And thus has earned himself the name; The Asian Dragon.

If you want the no b.s. way to master your financial destiny, then learn from Dan. Subscribe to his channel now.

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He’s been in business for over 20 years and his results are not typical.

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Your results are dependent on many factors… including but not limited to your ability to work hard, commit yourself, and do whatever it takes.

Entering any business is going to involve a level of risk as well as massive commitment and action. If you're not willing to accept that, please DO NOT WATCH DAN’S VIDEOS OR SIGN UP FOR ONE OF HIS PROGRAMS.

This video is about Clients Say, “I Don’t Like Long-Term Contracts” And You Say "…"

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      From india sir🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

    • Books In Review

      “I don’t know who my grandfather was; I am much more concerned to know what his grandson will be.”
      ― Abraham Lincoln

    • Books In Review

      “Sometimes what you’re most afraid of doing is the very thing that will set you free.”
      ― Robert Tew

      • Hiroki Moody

        Fight that resistance!!!

    • Saad Khan

      I’m loving your courses that you have made so far on your shop, please make more affordable courses like these

      • Rain Forest

        The $2500 courses you mean?

      • Saad Khan

        @Rain Forest have you visited Dan lok shop..?

      • Saad Khan

        @Rain Forest there are so many courses around 50 dollars only on personal development

    • Books In Review

      “Never discourage anyone…who continually makes progress, no matter how slow.”
      ― Plato

    • Saad Khan

      I found your courses so helpful Dan, keep making courses like these

    • The Daily Life Motivation

      Nobody likes long term contracts, but I guess there is a way.😅 Great one Dan!

    • Keith So - Career Empowerment

      Thank you sifu for giving us a case study of how to handle such rejection.
      For those who are about to watch this video, pause first, think of an answer first. Think how you would response beforehand. I find this approach really helpful for my learning and I encourage you to give it a go!

    • Talking life

      understand that any small business does not want to be tied into any contract when budgets are always tight, service can sometimes not always be what was promised.

    • Yassir Knight

      this plan will only work with business minded client, some client just rock headed

    • Motive 2 Inspire

      “Excellence is not a skill. It’s an attitude.” – Ralph Marston

    • jatin shewaramani

      If our contracts have a cancel anytime policy then can we say that there’s no risk

    • Hayaland Herbs Tips

      I have been struggling for years in my bussiness, but ever since I met Mr. Sifu Dan I can now control the wind. God bless you Dan

    • Entertainment Videos

      Who’s love him

    • Passive Income Tom

      *This is a must watch for all sales people.* 😉


      Thank you for another tips.
      1 like
      1 hug
      Comments done.

      • Daddy Debt a part of the ASH Management Group

        Giving out kisses in my video,

    • EnTrapeneur

      Haven’t watched the video yet but I feel like dan will say ‘so are you looking for a short term solution to a long term problem?’

    • Joy Mae

      When I first started in sales I struggled with closing a long term contract. What it really means is they’re not 100% sold on your value or if they will see a result. I overcame this by asking small closing questions throughout my pitch, these can be questions that lead the prospect to say “yes”. For example, “do you see these ads targeting your customers” if they say yes you can overcome the 12mo objection at the end.

    • Casey Burns Investing

      Convince them they want it or get them something else they want.

    • Riza Farrington

      The long term contract i wish will last and grow is my marriage..

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