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If you find yourself in a Street Fight, Don't punch in a Street Fight.
Dan Lok who studied with Bruce Lee's Original Student Ted Wong and Joe Lewis Explains Punching someone in a real street fight can be useless self defence training yet it’s taught as the most common martial arts technique.
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This will give you a healthy taste of reality, without actually hurting someone. Here’s why you should never punch in a real fight.

One of Dan Lok’s passions in life is martial arts. Like many young kids, after watching a Bruce Lee movie, it changed his life forever. At 17 years old, Dan started training in martial arts seriously because he was being bullied in school. It wasn’t long for Dan to learn the techniques he needed, and gain the confidence necessary to defend himself.

Dan has studied with legendary martial artist such as Bruce Lee’s original student Ted Wong ( ) and Joe Lewis “The Worlds Greatest Fighter” ( ), making him a second generation student of Bruce Lee – in Bruce Lee's authentic art of Jeet Kune Do (JKD). He's also a third generation student of Ip Man (Wing Chun Kung Fu).

Dan has also trained with other great instructors like Sifu Adam Chan ( ), Canadian lightweight boxing champion Tony "Fire Kid" Pep ( ), and Octavio Quintero ( )

For Dan, martial arts training permeates every area of life. It’s not a hobby, it’s a way of life, and it influences how he does business.

Martial arts gave him the confidence, focus, and patience to push through these obstacles and to keep fighting when he felt like giving up.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Dan is NOT a full-time martial artist and he doesn't even claim to be that good of a fighter.

He's simply a successful businessman who enjoys the art and philosophy of Bruce Lee, just like you.

He doesn't have any online martial art videos, seminars or expensive "private training" to sell you. Quite frankly, he doesn't need the money.

He simply wants to share his passion for the art of JKD (his own version of Jeet Kune Do) through his YouTube channel.

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This Video is about: Don't Punch In A Street Fight Bruce Lee's JKD

    76 replies to "Don’t Punch In A Street Fight Bruce Lee’s JKD"

    • AvakinZeroChill !

      Rule of thumb: hard to soft and soft to hard – use the hard fist to attack the stomach, ribs, liver, etc. Use the palm to attack hard surfaces, like the face.

      • Xian Chanx

        @Crazy World face is not a soft part this is wrong… Only I the surface.. The bones under skin are more thick than knuckles and that’s why very often boxers broke hands when fight.. Palms are more sicure to use

      • Crazy World

        @Xian Chanx the facw ia soft. And bones of the face are weaker than your knuckles. The jaw is hanging from your muscles and it is easy to dislocate, the benefit nose is really weak, the bones that holds your upper theet is like a sponge they are weak, en the bones around your eyes always breaks in a fight. You don’t hit with your palm that is stupid you don’t slap someone who is fist fighting you. You hit with the wrist, there you have a solid structure, by wrist i dont mean the tiny bones there i mean the end of your forearm bones. You never want to hit somethind hard with something soft, is physics if you do that always the soft will lose. And when they say that they mean soft by adaptative.

      • Xian Chanx

        @Crazy World you don’t have understood the concept hard soft soft hard.. Soft(palm) to hit hard object and no have damage.. Hard part knuckles to hit stomach(soft)the minimum force the maximum result is the principle of every martial art. Bye

      • Crazy World

        @Xian Chanx yes i have. If you slap the face of your oponent you will not hurt him that much, but his fists will hurt you. So i don’t thunk give that advantage to your opponent is a wise advice. Also your palm is harder than your face, the skin of your hand is thicker and the bones too. You work with your hands every day. Hitting something harder with something softer is nosense. When you hit you want to hurt. If you hit a brick with a tissue nothing happens. The face is fragile the palm is not. Is physics. If you want to break a wall you use a big hammer(sorry don’t know the translation for maza)

      • Xian Chanx

        @Crazy World i understand what you want to say about effectiveness but the point is don’t hurt your hands.if you hit with punch in the face if hands are not conditioned there is a large probability to break knuckles considering that you can hit teeths.. The palm wouldn’t have damage being soft and absorbing better the power of the hit.however you are right

    • Marcel Gardner

      Don’t punch, grab something and hit them with that.
      Street Kwan do

      • anjoLas

        That’s Krav Maga

      • Alexander Dragutinovic

        Try that vs Tony Ja

      • 817 Texas

        these days mfs don’t fight like 50 says get the strap lol

    • Matthew Ellenbroek

      So what if the person you’re fighting with has also watch this video?Are you just high-fiving each other really hard

      • broski man


      • Khairi Zuhoori

        Watching and practice is two different thing

      • Kane Oliver

        DAM 😂😂😂

      • Mr Rich


      • JB JB


    • joeodd2

      So E. Honda had it right all along?

      • juven romero

        Well, Bas Ruten definitely took cues from E Honda lol. Bas knocked guys out with mean opem hand slaps to the head.

      • GodmindNY NYC


      • KhaanMan66


      • sergi vale

        That’s so fucking funny lmfao that was funny

      • Gilbert Moon

        @Neferkait Chorkick 😂 🤣 😂

    • RickK RocKStar

      Nothing more embarrassing than a mega pimp hand 👋 to the face.

      • A V X Y

        @Running A hit is a hit.

        Disrespectful would be me unzipping my pants to piss on someone after I knock them out.

      • Jon Williams

        In 74 I was in a situation where the environment was controlled by “building tenders”and we had a guy who was notoriously tuff. I saw him grab a guy by the shirt and slide him up the wall and break his jaw with an open handed slap. May sound implausible to some but, I assure you it happened. The B.T. was about 5’11”,200 lbs and had a legitimate 500 lbs bench. Oh yeah, he was doing 750 years for a triple murder so, he had kind of a bad attitude.

      • Maverick Shaq

        Kate bullshitno jutsu earthstyle headbutt and run away style jutsu

      • Khe2 B Vevo


      • S. Marcus


    • Clean Company Records

      Guys… take a word of advice… never try and pull someone’s balls out… unless you plan to kill them. Even then I would advise against it….

      • Combed Autumn

        @animals don’t lie if I knew it was a fight to the death and he wouldn’t stop until I was dead, sure go for the eye balls, pop them like grapes in the sockets. But outside of that unlikely scenario I’d probably reccommend against these kinda strategies 😂

      • Ronnie Perez


    • Chris Stumer

      Bruised knuckles can be used as evidence in a court of law, that’s why palm strikes are good.

      • Lost Soul

        Haha my knuckles looks like there’s rocks inside it and the skin has like 2 layers of brushes, got suspended for that they think I jump someone when I was just passing by.

      • HadesDisciple YT

        Dan Arseneault id put you in a full Nelson having you do the armadillo .

      • Mainak Basu

        @Dan Arseneault if you were the evil goon/hooligan/gangster then I pray you get what you deserve.

      • Dan Arseneault

        @HadesDisciple YT sounds kinky.

      • Dan Arseneault

        @Mainak Basu I did, cleared of all charges and free to go.

    • Jederation

      Top Advice: Just be more sober than the other dude. XD

    • cumshotinder singh aka Captain yoghurt Rifle

      Ive just learnt to bend over and spread my cheeks and hope for the best

      • Roy Sanyal

        By hoping for the best, do you mean oil ?

      • J Chavez


      • Mark Jackson

        How white dudes fight…

    • Victoria

      Street fight life hack: headbutt the other person’s knuckles.

      • Eric Halverson

        @Gideon Y3K I broke my hand hitting the cranium in a street fight took the fight out of me when I was 14. It hurt. Don’t do that.

      • Gideon Y3K

        @Karl Hogan Headbutts are devastating. But it can be very bloody and make you look like the aggressor. Police will definitely arrest you. So I wouldn’t use it unless I was jumped by 2 + guys or a guy had a knife or gun.

      • anjoLas

        Timing has to be perfect

      • Tobias Silva Makel


      • Patrick S

        Not if your guard is good.

    • Harusami

      Do not punch in a street fight!

      Use a knife. It is way more effective

      • Sir CampsAlot


      • Tommy Ponsonby

        Nah RPG

      • Epiphany

        or a ball and peen hammer.

      • Billy BigRooT

        Typical muslim

    • TONY NYC

      “Be water my friend” ✌🏽

      • Chintapalli Varalakshmi

        Yaa Bruce lee❤️

      • Motomike Tski

        Best words ever spoke by the “Bruce”

    • Great 1

      If you’re EVER in a REAL street fight just use the Kamehameha wave and that’s the end of it.💯💪

      • Patrick Saranillo


      • Ahmer Hassan

        Kaaameeehaaaameeeeehaaaaaaaa, kaboom☄

      • Amy Wimberley

        Ultra instinct gets the job done😁

    • • FBI •

      Don’t punch just throw a brick at them
      Yeet Kwon do

      • The Outlaw


      • Alam S


      • Shah Mir Khan

        • FBI • 😂😂

    • Chirag Sanghavi

      Work on your cardio and legs. And run like hell. 10/10 times you’ll be safe.

    • Chris Boss

      People that get bullied everyday should try this ik y’all watching 👀😂

      • Alpha Fili

        So that’s why you’re here😂

      • Chris Boss

        Alpha Fili I always punch in street fights ..I’m tryna see what he’s talking about lol

    • Chris Boss

      Man said grab his ball sack and pull down 😬 wtf you’ve been through 😭

    • DrasticK RebEL

      No offence but dude “punches” like a female mantis

      • Antonio Farina

        I thought that too hahaha.
        But his palm strike looked pretty good

      • Dementional_Rift

        I’m just thinking that’s the reference here. Because he isn’t training with punches but palm strikes, and maintaining in being versatile. But just saying if you palm strike somebody with an upward strike to the nose. You can possibly kill that person (the way the person can die is because if hit at the nose of that force, it can rush blood to the head and basically choke the person with their own blood.) Very scary stuff.

      • Tobias Silva Makel

        Honestly female Mantis is bigger and eats the male

      • Arn'viir Hunkrahmaar

        @Tobias Silva Makel ew, nature is weird.

      • Arn'viir Hunkrahmaar

        But then again, that’s how humans work too… mentally.

    • Xepa Apex

      He’s 100% right; it was 20 minutes after a fight that I realized my hand was broke, when the pain kicked in &, I Iooked at my hand, it resembled a damned catchers mit.

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