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Do you know about the new iOS-14 update? These is something critical happening that all affiliate marketers need to know! Watch this video to see what it is and how you can fix your business.
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There is a new iOS-14 coming our from Apple and it's going to affect facebook advertising. The main problem isn't my concern yet, most affiliate marketers don't know about the hidden issue that will cause them problems. You even pixel or facebook pixel will now need to be on a domain you own.

This means you will no longer be able to send Clickbank vendors your Facebook pixel to put on their pages. This won't affect me because I use my own bridge pages anyways and collect emails. You want to make sure you watch my other videos showing you how to do this.

To make sure this Apple and iOS-14 doesn't affect you then you need to be collecting emails then promoting products in your emails. This way you can control your own Facebook pixels and events.

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    • Franklin Hatchett

      Hey guys winner from the last video below.
      Bruce Dog
      Free Courses:
      💠Build Profitable Email List:
      💠Start A Youtube Channel:
      💠Best Clickbank Tutorial:

    • Abdullah Muhammad

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      I really want your course to learn all of your essential tips about affiliate marketing…

    • Vadim Amirch

      my affiliate marketing is to escape 9-5 job


      This is serious issues. We will need to evolve this year in affiliate marketing and ecommerce.

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        Then check out Onpassive… thats your answer

    • MJ muftah

      My affiliate marketing is better life than before, passive income


      Hey, Frankinkin I am from West African sierra leone. As a Benninger how can I start making money online?
      What is your great advice to was that?

      • Naely kim

        Watch his videos

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      My Affiliate marketing goal is to have a free life and doing the things i love with my family and friends!

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      My affiliate marketing goal is to get source of income for my mom who received a tiny retirement package even though she worked for more than 40 years in a large bank.

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      Dude thank you so much, maybe that’s why iam getting so much likes, and people keep sharing my page, using traffic that’s why iam not getting anything on click bank 🥵

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      My affiliate marketing goal is having a stable online business

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      *I will succeed for my parents, for all they have made for me! I hope you will too!!*

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      My affiliate marketing goal is to get money to pay for my son’s school 😍

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      My affiliate marketing goal is to keep learning as much as I can and then implement what I have learned. Thank you for this great video. You have the best channel and the best Information. Thank you sir.

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