Revealed: The Secrets our Clients Used to Earn $3 Billion

A complete step by step guide on how to make money with Clickbank. You will learn EVERYTHING you need to know to create a Clickbank affiliate marketing business.

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I will be showing you in this tutorial how to create a Clickbank business online in 2020. I will show you the best product to promote and how to get affiliate commissions with that product. I will not be showing you any spamming tactics.

Instead, I'll be showing you the best method that all the Clickbank pros are using right now to make money online with ClickBank. With this strategy you will be able to get set up quickly. This is the strategy I've used to make more than 6 figures per year with Clickbank.

I've created this free course because I want to show you every single possible step that you need to know. If you are a beginner or even have experience then this free course is for you. I have no course to sell to you here, and all this information is free.

Let's get into this clickbank tutorial for beginners and show you how you can make money with affiliate marketing and Clickbank products.

3:23 How to sign up to Clickbank.

4:44 Find the best products from the marketplace to promote.

8:38 The system we use to make money with this method.

9:26 How to import and edit free quiz page.

12:01 How to add your affiliate link

15:00 How to get traffic to your offer

17:32 How to set up traffic to find buyers

29:38 Final wrap up of this Clickbank method

*There is no guarantee that you’ll receive results. Your results will depend entirely on your work ethic. These videos are for educational purposes only.

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    • Rustem Memetov

      Hooray!!! Yeah Thanks Frank!

      • Franklin Hatchett

        No worries 🙂

    • Franklin Hatchett

      Felt like dropping the heat in this one. If you want to know what the pros do on Clickbank then this video is for you! No affiliate links, no course links just VALUE.. deserves a like I think 😀

      • Big Dog Fitness

        Hi Frank, can I promote your savageaffiliate course? I can’t find any affiliate link on your savage affiliate course page! Thanks


      Every one who is reading this will be successful one day

      • Franklin Hatchett


    • Pratik Pandey

      Sir can you please give a complete tutorial on how to create a landing page and sales page to sell more than 1 product together using clickfunnels or builderall


      Thanks for sharing, who else enjoyed this video!

      • Techgeek

        Me… awesome training

    • Keniel Thompson

      Great content, Thank you Franklin. Peace bro💯

    • Techgeek

      Awesome training Franklin… anyone signed up to the various platforms in this training can move straight into this method to earn affiliate commissions online… and then give awesome value to the buyers who purchase products through your affiliate links

    • Tech Age Hustle

      Good post I’m was going to promote health and fitness on youtube I’m a man I dnt think I call pull off promoting Cinderella Souloutions lol but I was looking into organifi they seem to hav e a good program

    • john wick

      One of the few channels that actually provide real value thanks again mate.

      • Samuel Tesfaye

        can you suggest other good channels john


      I soo much appreciate and enjoy your video tutorials, the best I’ve seen, I’m hoping to make money online using your strategies.

    • Your Success Evolution

      Outstanding video as usual I’ve been following your videos for around 6 months now and everything you have taught me has made me money! Admittedly not as much as I want but i’m still working on it and will be taking your paid course next week! Your a real good YouTuber real good value for all who watch. Keep it up Franklin!!!

    • Sangamesh Mangalgi

      Thank you Franklin !!! Good Video.

    • RKOSun

      Frank, random question. What app or extension are you using to save pictures by highlighting and draw on your screen?

      • Franklin Hatchett

        Desk scribble 🙂

    • Roderic Hannon

      Thanks for this Franklin. I really need it.

    • Harshit Bhatt

      Hey Frank. That was the best value bomb. I have a problem. Can you tell me / guide me how to make new FB account to get new Ad Manager as when I make new profile, it gets banned like after 3-4 days. Looking forward for your valuable reply.

    • Ben Adams

      This is awesome. Keep killing it dude.

    • Ryan Botha

      Frank, I signed up for an account. Then needed to add more details and I was immediately told they can’t offer me my account and that it’s been deactivated and cannot be restored. They were so unhelpful 😎

    • Roman Amelin

      I did this exactly the same way as showing in the video, Facebook disabled my ads account, what should I do?

    • r weaver

      Hi Franklin superb video thank,s I was wondering do you also include these in depth lessons in the savage affiliate course all the best Russ-uk

    • Bundu

      I got stuck at the “click here to import quiz page” having trouble trying to get that funnel

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