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A free course that shows you how to start a Youtube channel in 2021 thats profitable. I have been making youtube videos for a while now and I know how to get traffic and monetize Youtube content.

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Want to start a Youtube channel in 2021? In this free course I will show you how to start a Youtube channel. Not only that, I will show you how to become successful on Youtube and make money from your youtube channel. I have built a Youtube channel thats made over $100k and I'll show you what I did.

The first step to starting your own Youtube channel is to choose a niche, you should do a video on something you already have experience in. Once you have done that then it's time to choose a name. When choosing your youtube name make sure it's easy to read and understand. In 2021 it's going to be hard to stand out so make sure it's a good brandable name people can remember. This is the key to starting a successful Youtube channel in 2021.

The nest step to starting a profitable Youtube channel is of course the traffic. Most people think they can just post a video and the traffic will come, this isn't the case. It's very hard to grow a channel when starting but it does get easier. When you start a youtube channel in 2021 you want to focus on long tail keywords. Once you start to build up subscribers then you can focus on other traffic sources like suggested and browse.

If you follow the steps in this course you will be able to start a youtube channel. This free course is best for beginners looking to get into creating youtube content.

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