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I found a new free way to get traffic to you Clickbank offers so you make money. Clickbank is a marketplace where you can find products to promote, when you make a sale you get paid a commission. The best way to do this is to find good products that sell for $200 or more. You will make more money because you will get more commission.

The first step to making money with clickbank is to find the product and I'll show you how to do that in this tutorial. Once you find a product from the market place you need to find an article online thats related to that product. We will be using this to give information to people and to get a sale to make the affiliate marketing commissions.

Now you have that ready head over to a website called Sniply and this is what we will use to get our affiliate link on the website. Next start sending traffic to the link. You can use places like facebook groups or even Youtube to get traffic to the clickbank affiliate links.

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        I have savage affiliate course
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