Revealed: The Secrets our Clients Used to Earn $3 Billion

If you want to know how to make money online then this will help you! This is someone who watched once of my videos then put it into action as a little side hustle. Click "See More" for his channel!

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Google Ads Tutorial:

A while ago I did a video on a method called drop servicing and it showed you a strategy make money online. The method was taking a service then reselling that service for a profit. You were the middle man who collected money for your service. This is a good way to earn online because you don't have to have your own product.

One of my viewers Steven watched the tutorial and went out and gave this method a shot. Recently he came to me and said he secured a $2500 client for his drop servicing video service. He explained to me how he did it.

What he was was use linking to make money online by cold emailing. It is a bit of hard work but it works. What I recommend for beginners is to go out and use Google ads to make some money with this method. If you watch this tutorial I will show you the best way for beginners to get started online making money in 2020.

*You can assume that I will receive a commission for anything I recommend. Any earnings or income representations are aspirational statements only and results are not typical. There is no guarantee that youโ€™ll receive the same results or any results at all. Your results will depend entirely on your work ethic. These videos are for educational purposes only. Im also not a financial advisor.

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      Great video

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      Keep helping us with your idea

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        I had the best kabob in Morocco near the blue city, cant wait to go back

    • Franklin Hatchett

      Before doing this video Stephan had a client lined up for $2500 and after this video as far as I’m aware he has secured that deal. Hope you enjoy the content and ahhh maybe a like on this one?
      Channels you can follow to learn more on this method.

    • Don Rahmer

      Did u just wake up

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        Na, but when you been in lock down for 8 weeks you start to look a little crazy ๐Ÿ˜‰

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        @Franklin Hatchett Na, you looked pretty sicked. We been in locked down for 12 weeks here in the states and we don’t looked like you.

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        Ivan Ramirez – Thatโ€™s cause Franks been grinding in lockdown, day and night. Where some people just play games and watch Netflix ๐Ÿ˜‚

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        @Stephen Harvey – Plan to Profit Hey, I’m been grinding since lockdown too but 24/7 and entrepreneurs that I know too and we don’t looked like Frank. All I’m saying is that he looks sick on this video maybe he should get checked out for all that’s going on the world with this covid-19.

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        Ivan Ramirez – Hey, that wasnโ€™t a dig at you btw haha, considering Frank has been in his house for this lockdown the chances that he has the virus are tiny. Here in NZ we just had our second day in a row with Zero new Covid cases and there are currently only 82 active cases which are all monitored and secured

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      Hey Frank, is your course available worldwide?

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      Sir I Always Watching your Videos And I am Finding Any online Earning Method.
      But I am only watching videos.

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      I am from Pakistan.

    • Ivan Ramirez

      That’s a old and saturated trick. I learn that from a JVZoo product.

      • adobetube555

        Take action and stop chasing โ€œnewโ€ things. Old stuff still works all the time.

      • Ivan Ramirez

        @adobetube555 I’m always taking action! You should check my channel if you really want passive income.

      • Pham Minh Duc

        Every method is saturated. That doesnt mean you cant make money from that.

      • Ivan Ramirez

        @Pham Minh DucSaturated means a lot competition = less money.

      • Ivan Ramirez

        @Pham Minh Duc But, cool if you guys are thinking small.

    • Latoya Wright

      Frank, I want to buy one of your program. But I have an few questions that stopping me.

      • Money is Awesome

        Latoya Wright which program you think to buy?

    • Nadia Martineau

      Started my channel thanks to you

    • Andrei Mocanu

      Hi Franklin, I just started a new affiliate site, do you think I should buy Thrive Arhitect(or another page builder) to design my website or should I stick to their page builder? Thanks for helping me!

    • Columbo Timbers

      The major cons with this method (I know from experience) is that it involves having to depend on the skills of your Fiverr freelancers. If they do poor work, and many of them do, (despite having 5 star reviews) then you’re having to refund your customer because they are dissatisfied, and then you don’t have much luck getting your money refunded from Fiverr to replenish your loss. Once you have found a freelancer who is professional and skilled then it does work out. However it may take 1-5 gigs in a row to garner a decent freelancer for your particular drop-service that you’re promoting. That’s a good way to learn and just expect that it’s going to happen. Not discouraging anyone because this method can work but it’s not as simple as this video makes it sound. Many times the freelancers are late getting the work completed when they are over burdened with gigs. The quality is sometimes shady and there are lots of variables involved but that goes without saying for any business. It’s certainly not a new method by any means. People have been drop-servicing via Fiverr for quite awhile and it’s still gaining more popularity. Just look on Flippa…turnkey websites being sold on there everyday for drop-servicing by way of Fiverr. It can work but be diligent and expect hurdles just like with most other methods. It can be fine once you get all the kinks worked out and get established with a freelancer you can have a good working rapport with and depend on

      • Columbo Timbers

        Added note: Once many Fiverr freelancers gain more and more knowledge that this method is being used I’m sure they will gradually start to increase their prices (which I have noticed as this method is gaining more popularity) and getting cheap gigs covered through them will be a thing of the past. There will be less and less room for a decent profit to be made. So that’s why it’s even more important to get started now if this is something you feel good about

      • Franklin Hatchett

        Fair call ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Stephen Harvey - Plan to Profit

      Love the video Frank, thanks! Also I did secure that client and for those wonder how I managed to get $2000 (have a few up sells down my sleeve to try get it closer to $2500) from $1000 basically I sold them a long videos because I charge per 30 seconds.

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