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In the last 7 weeks I have made over $8000 on Clickbank using a method called affiliate marketing. What is affiliate marketing? It's when you promote a product, and you get paid a commission. The best part about this is you don't need to go and crate a product. This can take time.

In this tutorial for beginners, you will learn how to build you own online business by using affiliate marketing. You can use a network called Clickbank, and that lets you find products on the Clickbank marketplace to promote. Once you find a product you click "promote and you will get your own affiliate link. You make money online when someone purchases through that link.

Next you need to get some traffic, the best way to do this is to use paid traffic. As long as you can spend $1 and make $1 back then you can make all your profit back in the email marketing. This is how you start your own affiliate marketing business online with Clickbank. I hope this 2020 case study for beginners helped you!

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    • Clarckoh

      Franklin, you are the absolute GOAT, I’ve been watching you for the last 3 years,

      and I’ve recently being making major moves with my ecom brand and a lot of it is from some of your much older YouTube videos that I’ve learned from..

      I’m not one to usually comment but just writing to say.. thank you so much 🙂

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        👍+cash , lots of love from India. I hardly need money for online business and to get medicine for my father. Already I have lost my jobs.

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        💰 + course = Solved every problem in life .

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      Woah! dropping great info here man. Incredible. Thanks for showing us the behind the scenes over here 😄

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      Love the amazing trick, who’s ready for 1 million dollar 💵

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      👍+ cash: hey Franklin. Awesome vid as usual would really like your content. Much love dude.

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      👍+ cash! Love what you do, Frank! Keep going!

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      👍+ course: I believe educating myself is better than getting pure cash. Really hope I can get that fantastic Savage Affiliates course.

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        I posted comments in every video before this giveaway started. Hopefully, Franklin will see my comment one day. He is one of the most intellectual people I know.

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      👍+ course: Your videos are incredibly inventive and I personally would have not formed such an interest in affiliate marketing if not for you. Thank you for your commitment and hard work.

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      👍+ course: thanks for this information

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      👍+ course : Amazing content

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      👍 + cash, Hey Frank, love the selflessness of your channel, straight to the point and transparent

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      When you offer free training, the links never work for me…the page never loads!

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      👍+course: Franklin is awesome! Thank you for sharing as always!🙌

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      👍+ cash: Thanks for sharing, great strategy!

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      👍+ course: There is so much value in these case studies. This is awesome for beginners.

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      👍+cash,Just started watching your content from last week.I get influenced by you and learning to implement for myself.Thank your for sharing your knowledge and experiences with us.

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      👍+Course : Love your videos, you are my first mentor on affiliate marketing!!

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      👍 + Course: Because I tested almost all of your free methods and wanna test the course, how its different from your regular videos.

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      Great content. And I have discovered something new in this video.

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