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In this video, I show you how much this website makes online. I wanted to show you this so you could see that it's possible to make money online. This website makes most of its money from affiliate marketing.

Most o the money made is passive income, this mean they don't do much work now to make that money. If you want to see how this website makes money online and earns passive income then watch this video.

I you want to learn how to make passive income the best way is to learn how to do affiliate marketing with organic traffic. 2020 is going to be a huge year and you should be focusing on passive income streams.

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*You can assume that I will receive a commission for anything I recommend in my videos. Any earnings or income representations are aspirational statements only and results are not typical. There is no guarantee that you’ll receive the same results or any results at all. Some people will never get results online. Your results will depend entirely on your work ethic. Please don't buy my products if you are in financial hardship.

    29 replies to "How This Website Makes $100,000/MONTH In Passive Income Online In 2020!"

    • Mihail Dimovski


    • Franklin Hatchett

      Any questions? Let me know below!

      • Ashley Xaba

        Good day franklin does it work in South Africa

      • Waleed Shafiq

        Please make a course on click funnels affiliate from the scratch to autopilot

      • vincent s

        Great video Franklin, could please tell me what type of website i should make. Which niche could be verry succesfull in 2020?

      • M&D Money

        Hi franklin, it’s possible to promote your courses ad affiliate?

    • Zayd Qubbej

      Go go franky !! 😍😍

    • Joseph Odeh

      Does it work in Nigeria?

    • Reshav

      you are among the best youtuber anyone could found on internet

    • Erik Britz

      great vid sadly in my country there is almost zero solid affiliate programs to partake in those that are don’t pay to my country which is very problematic when trying to build up a side hustle this is why i am saving up to start a different kind of business and later on diving into affiliate marketing.

      • Shannon Taylor

        And which country is that, Erik? I’m from Trinidad (third world) and I was amazed to see that there are so many affiliate programs that I was able to sign up for. Have you tried networks such as ShareASale, MaxBounty, Rakuten, Digistore24, Gearbest, Ali Express and many many more. You can even become affiliates for web hosting companies. I think you should give them a try.

      • Erik Britz

        @Shannon Taylor South africa i have been looking into affiliate programs for 4 months now and only signed to one that pays quite low and thus is not worthy to grind on btw before you wonder SA is a third world country as well due to horrible political choices etc.

      • Shannon Taylor

        @Erik Britz So, not even JZvoo, Warrior plus or Clickbank? Oh man… I’m so sorry to hear that. I thought the Caribbean was worse off. There must be something you can still try. Probably Franklin might have some better ideas. There’s also the ClickFunnels where you can partner with Franklin … he also trains you. Please don’t tell me that you are unable to sign up with ClickFunnels. My only problem with being an affiliate is not getting enough traffic…. not sure if that might be your problem, too.

    • Pakistani Boy

      Thanks for sharing this with me

    • Funny Tom

      9:08 how to do those showing up thing?

    • M&D Money

      Very. Valuable video as always 😎 affiliate marketers they can promote your course?

    • Ashraf Farag

      Does it work in UAE Emirates and Arab countries?

    • JAC Ryuta

      Work in phillipines?

    • Snag Success

      Franklin what makes more money if done both correctly. Launch jacking or Creating a Niche site for software/clickfunnels? Assuming both have the same amount of articles and same traffic.

    • _ omarlives

      How can $100K/mo. be considered passive anything? lol

      • MrGuy

        If she’s outsourced every task and not doing anything herself, it is 100% passive. But it’s unlikely that is the case.

      • _ omarlives

        @MrGuy i guess so.

    • Shannon Taylor

      Thanks for sharing. I think I need to hurry and enroll in one of your courses, because I’m doing everything my way with no success.

    • moataz heart

      please Frankline, could u make more videos of earng $$ from Fivver for begginer ??

    • vincent s

      Great video Franklin, could please tell me what type of website i should make. Which niche could be verry succesfull in 2020?

    • Benedicta Whites

      Hi there, great video tutorial, thanks for sharing this awesome tips for making money online. Am not telling you what to do but it’s actually a favour am asking, Can you please make a short video on how to build landing pages and make it show on the frontend of the website? Most of the video tutorials ends at the preview(when they are done with the design and test the system)I will be much grateful if you go a step ahead of them by letting the page/pop up display on the frontend of the website. Thank you.

    • Jacob Crites

      🔥Awesome video…you going to keep em coming?

    • Brian Shea

      Hi Franklin, could I email you an idea for a niche? I would love to get your feedback. Thanks in advance.

    • dwheel39

      There seems to be an infinite gulf between your example and statistics that reveal that 99% of all blogs earn on average
      $100 or less ….a year! Only one hundred bucks….for a whole year!. Is this woman’s reported earnings highly exaggerated?
      I can see MAYBE a corporate blog that involves a large staff of content writers, research team, SEO staff, affiliate management, payroll, human resources etc. ..but $100K ….a month? Just from a blog? ?? Ummm not very easy to swallow that one. Internet marketing niche is full of inflated claims.

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