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Did you know that the way you answer the question, “How are you” can determine whether you have a great life or a life of complaining, sadness, and failures? In this video, you’ll discover 15 creative ways to respond to the question, “how are you” in English.


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This video is about How To Answer The Question, "How Are You?" Learn 15 Creative Ways To Respond To Greetings In English

    37 replies to "How To Answer The Question, “How Are You?” Learn 15 Creative Ways To Respond To Greetings In English"

    • Nicolae Stratulat

      Be honest with yourself 🙏

      • Boathaus Music


        Honesty is far more important than social manipulation/engineering.

        I’ve been saying “good” for years despite being disabled and in chronic pain. That dishonestly and denial of reality has made a lot of small traumas that add up over time into some serious mental health issues if not addressed properly.

    • Erika Kullberg: Lawyer's Finance Tips

      Reminds me of Dave Ramsey’s answer to that question, he always replies “Better than I deserve”.

      • Datcray Investor

        Came to say that

      • Daniella Moreno

        I was thinking the same thing!

    • Aicx Medina

      Thanks Dan! ❤

      Not everyday someone would actually ask how I am… but “how am I?”… I’m blessed than I deserve.

      1. Absolutely wonderful
      2. Better than Good
      3. I’m great
      4. I recently learned…
      5. I’ve never been better
      6. Nothing to complain about
      7. Fantastic
      8. I’m happy and grateful
      9. Positive and energized
      10. Never felt better (or good) in a long time
      11. Very well, thank you
      12. My family is happy and healthy…
      13. I’m better now that you’re with me
      14. I’ll feel better if you go out with me
      15. Are you flirting with me?

      • SchmutzLord 3000


      • Susan Young

        I am happy and grateful I like that one

      • Aaron Howard

        Samesies. I choose when I get up that I’m going to have a great day. That it’s going to be better then the last which was amazing. Because, that’s what I chose for myself. That’s what I’m putting out to the world. If I’m experiencing difficulties, I’ll share it in a non pity me method. In a reflective manner.

    • Casey Burns Investing

      Much of society feels depressed because we’ve hypnotized ourselves into it.

      • Tommy Ferreira

        Dam really? Crazy, I would of thought most of society would be like balance between happy and moody

      • Donald McClain

        It’s a perfect storm really. A combination of hyper-consumption/overindulgence of pleasure, a severe lack of positive, meaningful emotional or spiritual stimuli, and the forced narrative used by MSM to keep the masses divided by cherry-picking the information we’re allowed to know, and twisting the facts to fit the story.

        Too many people end up consumed by their own overconsumption and obsessed with the lies they believe about themselves, society, and their place only to end up becoming miserable, lonely, asocial, self-loathing, angry, confused weaklings they believe themselves to be. You can see evidence of this in the rise of transgenderism, Cuckold fetishists, Incest fetishists, more and more talk of weapons bans, free speech restrictions and the rise of communist ideology in the west. It’s like more people than ever actually want to be subjugated and abused.

      • The Valueman

        @Donald McClain Facts

    • Black Vito - Moneyology

      *focused but not finished*

      It’s like 3am where I’m at but I thought I heard a mouse in my closet so I’m here watching Daniel

      • Farhan Saeed

        For real😂😂

    • Elon Leach

      Well dan my usually respond to that question is I’m humble or I’m blessed

    • Jay Ong

      You missed the most important one:

      “I Feel F**king Incredible”

      • Aaron Howard

        That thought just went thru my head before I scrolled to your response. Yes I live that one. What a declaration and acceptable use of profanity.

    • J A Z Z Y

      So basically we all need to reply on a positive manner so we release a comfortable vibe between the two people and that allows the other individual to ask more questions which can lead to a conversation……my…..mind….is…. Blown

    • viorel birsan

      “Better than good”, I like that

    • Kevin Pereira

      I usually reply with “I’m well or I’m good and after than how about you?

    • Kanishk Jain

      By observation! .. It seems like you are or becoming a “LOVE GURU” too! 😂👍

    • Ivy Mendez

      Try answering them with a smile and say: “Happy!!”
      They will look at you surprised!!
      And if they ask why?
      Ask them:
      Is there another way of living life???

      Thanks for the video Dan!!!

      • //////

        God thats so gay

      • Ivy Mendez

        @////// I’m a women. what you expect?? If you are a manly man say something manly. Geez.

      • //////

        thank u

      • Isaac Johnson

        Yeah having that good perspective is key! Awesome vid by the way Dan.

    • Cassie Walsh

      For me personally it’s always “no complaints here”

    • English with KYLE

      – How are you?
      – I’m fine, thank you and you?

    • Underdog Investing Stock Market Mastery

      Me in an interview:
      Interviewer: “So How Are You?”
      Me: “Are you flirting with me?”

      • DIMeXP

        Underdog Investing Stock Market Mastery Interviewer: *chuckles & blushes*

      • Underdog Investing Stock Market Mastery

        @DIMeXP lol!

    • Andre Mcclendon

      man I say the most positive thing ever when people ask me that. I love everyday! only have good days above dirt!

    • RK Pradaga

      ” I’m happy and grateful and you? ” sounds great to me.

      Thanks for sharing, Shifu 🦸

    • Mirul Unreal

      Anyone: “How are you?”
      Me: “I don’t know.”

    • David Tomes

      When asked, “How are you?”, I’ve often used, “Living the dream”, or “Better than ever!”.
      “Shitty, but thanks for asking”, usually gets me a laugh and breaks the ice, if I feel like sharing a story.

    • Julie Henderson

      I like the reaction I get when I respond, “I’ve never been better.” People look at me with curiosity and I get the feeling they want to know what I’m up to. Others I feel are envious. It’s fun to see reactions.

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