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How to Get More Instagram Followers Fast 2017 & How to be Instafamous.
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You see, there's something I almost never talked about here on my YouTube channel.

The strange part?


And it makes sense, too.

Even when I look back on my own personal journey, I benefited from knowing how to get more Instagram followers fast and easy.

So, if you want to know:

– How to get real Instagram followers no survey or download
– How to get your first thousand Instagram followers
– How to be Instafamous

Or if you searched for:

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Then this video is for you.

Here's how get more Instagram followers fast:

Step #1: 0:22

Your Instagram marketing strategy should begin with a good profile image. Ideally, something that looks professional. Instagram is a "visual" social network. So make sure your profile photo looks good.

And having a profile image isn't enough. You need to have a thorough bio that includes your name, a description of what you do, and the main benefit people will get from following you (Ex: Top 10 marketer in the world by Forbes, I teach people how to grow their traffic).

Step #2: 1:00

Want to know how to get Likes on Instagram? Create amazing, beautiful images. No matter what kind of marketing gimmicks you run, it won't work unless you focus on high-quality images. If you aren't sure on what kind of images to upload, do a search for hashtags within your niche and you'll see what has performed well in the past. Replicate that.

Step #3: 1:29

This is how to be Instafamous. You need to post on a consistent basis. Instead of posting once a week, post once to twice a day. This will cause fewer likes per photo, but it will grow your follower count faster. Consider testing the times 10 am and 6 pm as they tend to do well.

When posting, make sure you include a long description of the photo. This will cause your photo to be seen more when people use the search feature.

And make sure you include hashtags when posting each photo. Around 10 is a good start. Again this will help your photo be found when users do searches.

Step #4: 2:33

Here’s how to get more Instagram followers fast and how to get your first thousand followers.

Follow 30 people per hour. You can technically follow more but you don't want to hit Instagram's spam filters. When you follow people, make sure they are ones you are interested in and they are in your space.

This is how to get more Instagram followers fast and cause more comments. And when people leave a comment, engage and respond back because it will cause your followers to become loyal.

When you have a loyal following you can post images such as "tag a friend whom you would like to go to this destination with"… by doing this you'll notice that this is how to get more Instagram followers without following others.

Hope you enjoy my video: "How to get Instagram Followers Fast 2017 & How to be Instafamous.

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    • Abhishek r

      Neil writing similar article of compitiar of trend blog is right or wrong…will it be copyrighted

      • Neil Patel

        If you copy them you can get in trouble. I am saying to write something better. If they wrote an article on “10 Ways to Grow Your Traffic”, write an article called “101 Ways to Grow Your Traffic”.

    • Hello TRENDS

      Neil sir can you tell me why you are not having a single ads on your blog I have seen every time no ads

      • Neil Patel

        I don’t care for the income. Hence no ads 🙂

      • Hello TRENDS

        can you plz share your very first site it will help to understand how you grow and your bigginging topics

    • Alvaro Celorio

      What are your thoughts on buying followers and why it has become a trend? Thanks for everything that you do, Neil!

      • Neil Patel

        I tried it one too many times. It used to work well, but it doesn’t anymore. It’s too short sided and social networks now adjust their algos to take into account engagement. So when you buy followers they don’t engaged and it screws up your reach.

    • Hello TRENDS

      can you plz share your very first site it will help to understand how you grow and your bigginging article topics

    • Prasanth Deeven

      Another Great Video from you! Hope you keep going like this!

      • Neil Patel

        I will try. 🙂

      • Prasanth Deeven

        Ok Neil, Keep me on your mind!

      • Neil Patel

        WIll do. Appreciate all of the comments.

      • Prasanth Deeven

        Thanks, Man!

      • Neil Patel

        You are welcome.

    • The Asma Al Khair

      was the 10 AM and 6 PM at EST?

      • Neil Patel

        Within your time zone, assuming you are trying to attract followers within your time zone. But within the US I recommend posting at 10 am and 6 pm EST.

    • Akshay Dhiman

      Awesome! Already following these tips and I’ve grown an Instagram account of 13k+ followers with about 12% average engagement rate. By the way, Instagram allows up to 60 relationship hits per hour (shown in their API limitations page). Wonder why don’t have any IG account?

      • Neil Patel

        I do, you just can’t see it. I use a random name for testing. 😉

    • Jake Edling

      Incredible insights! Thank you so much for helping us out for free 🙂

      • Neil Patel

        That’s my goal. :O

    • Julio Velez

      This is awesome. Thanks for the content!

      • Neil Patel

        You are welcome.

    • Dillary Trenton

      Thanks this already worked after I got a good profile pic and good posts and descriptions ty I’m subbing

      • Neil Patel

        Glad the tips are working 🙂

    • Sharanya Raju

      Sir Neil Patel. You are so cool. You give out great information. Maximum respect to you sir.

      • Neil Patel

        Thanks Chandra.

    • monalisa dey

      Thank you Neil !!

      • Neil Patel

        You are welcome

    • Amit Anand

      Great sir!
      Thank you!

      • Neil Patel

        You are welcome. Hope you grow your instagram following now 🙂

    • Sarkisbeauty

      hi , i liked ur video . if we post in instagram daily , then huge images will be in our account or news leed. so customers need to scroll down often to see all our older posts. but people dont have time to do it. so may be isnt it better to post less?

      • Neil Patel

        posting less = more likes per photo

        posting more = more total likes and usually faster account growth

      • Sekhmet's Rag

        Sarkisbeauty i honestly disagree as a gen x-er, people who post daily honestly irritate me, especially if the photos aren’t cool/ aesthetically pleasing and necessary

    • Sarkisbeauty

      in E-commerce, what if same item are offered online by other suppliers?i mean,what can we do to make better sales knowing the fact that customer will compare the prices and probably avoid us because of finding other cheaper supplier.

      • Neil Patel

        You can still do well, everyone has competitors…

    • ss_godking

      This is helping me.

    • Pedramtv

      thanks great as usual

    • Iestyn Edwards

      Another great one, even though I’m too niche for all this. But onward…

      • Neil Patel


    • Kasper Juul

      This was the best and simplest tutorial on this topic ever. Thank you

      • Neil Patel

        You are very welcome!

    • suchitra pandey

      Thank you Niel! One of the best videos. Very simple yet very informative.

      • Neil Patel

        Glad it was helpful! 🙂

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