Showing you how to make $100 online with Shopify. I'm taking you back to the start on how this all works!

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When it comes to making money online it comes down to you taking action. When you take action you will start seeing the money roll in. With this video, I want to show you how drop shipping and Shopify work. I was one of the first people ever to try this online and I've made well over 6 figures.

My first goal was to make $500 a day online and I achieved that pretty quickly. Now people ask me every day how they can make money online so I'll show you. This video is basic but it shows you the fundamentals of using Shopify to make money online and getting paid into your PayPal.

You buy products from aliexpress with your credit card then send those products to the person who purchased it off your store. When you get paid you will be paid into your PayPal account. You can use platforms like facebook to do your advertising or other social media accounts. This is a good way to turn profits and make over $100 per day.

When advertising on Facebook it's important to know your spending limit, don't spend too much before you make any sales.

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    27 replies to "How To Make $100 Per Day With Shopify (Explained For Beginners)"

    • Car i

      Hey Frank, thank you for putting up this video. This came in the right time. I was planning to do something similar but using Instagram as the ad channel since its more visual oriented audience. I have a question on using the images that are on AliExpress, can we just take this image straight up and put it on the Shopify site with plans of changing it later once we get the product and can take our own pictures? Would it be hard on the search engine though copying images from AliExpress? And typically what is the usual time frame on the shipping with the Free Shipping offer, when do the customers get the product since most of the product on AliExpress shipping tab says that it would take about 10-12 days, is this normal?

      • Franklin Hatchett

        2-3 weeks is normal and I state this in the product description 🙂

    • Sharp Object87

      Thanks Frank, Your awesome!!

    • Izatatus

      thanks, wonderful video explained simply

    • ODEM514

      Great video 👌
      I have a question
      In order to test what products will work, do you use just one store or do you have to make a different store for each niche/product

      • Franklin Hatchett

        +ODEM514 I use 1 general store

    • ezsdxcfgvhbjk

      FRANKLIN I was looking through your videos to find the perfect video to post this on, but I want to thank you so so so so so much. I just raked in 280 dollars in one day (today) since starting my store last week and that’s just over 100k a year at this current rate, and I’m seeing more and more sales every day. I’m on my way to financial freedom and I just turned 19 last week! I LOVE YOU MAN

      • Unuka Designs

        ezsdxcfgvhbjk hows your sales been 1 yr later ? I’m curious cos I’m a new bie with Shopify and I’m still doing research lol

      • okc405sfinest

        How is it going a year later?

      • cancer4free

        your name is a bit sus tbh

      • Carlos 406

        Unuka Island Crafts/DIY How’s it going for u 5 months after this post? I’m just a newby too 😅

      • Nicolas Hansen

        If you’re trying to make an extra 75 – 125 dollars daily this will do it for you: *4NetJobs. Com* You literally can’t fail with this. I’ve been having success from the same method for a while. Thanks. “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.”?

    • Kadirou Grs

      THANK YOU 😀

    • wazz dri

      thanks frankln for your daily videos
      i have a question how do you deal with worldwide shipping ? not US that has epacket .
      thanks to acept my in the onlinesamurais my name is driss wazahri 😀

    • Ben Donnellan-Bouchier

      Shipping takes 20-40 days!! How can I go about getting this cheaper?

    • Radiant

      Thanks for the video. Extremely helpful. One question, have you done a video on customer returns or refunds? How is that handled?

    • RollsRoyce

      Your the first video I have seen on how much FB advertising to spend on each niche per day, then gauge what to drop and what to scale!

    • Incognito Incognitov

      Franklin huge respect! Keep it up bro!

    • Robert.

      Amazing free info. Thank you

    • Pun Jab I

      i recommend various apps that work with aliexpress.

    • Shaylan Gill


    • andrei farcas

      Have you ever dropship from ebay? Aliexpress keeps closing my orders so I’m looking for a different source to get products from.

    • 300IQ Wizard

      Thanks, question though. Do you have to pay Aliexpress for inventory?

    • jim sharp

      Thanks for sharing your knowledge Franklin. Awesome

    • bigl240

      Since it is a year and a half after you made this video, is all of this still applicable now?

    • fitnesscoach serbia

      One question can the sales be transfered to the internet card that i signed in with ali express is that how the put money? @fraklin hatchett

    • ELIAS kid tv

      Dos Sopify take a commission on the product you sale or the monthly fee cover every thing??

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