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I always talk about free ways to make money online and it's good, but what about fast ways to earn an income? If you want to fast you need quick traffic that will buy from you. When I first started trying to make some cash online I always tried with free traffic. I think if you want to do this fast in 2020 you need paid traffic.

The first thing you need to do if you want to make money online with this method is to find an affiliate marketing product we can promote. Go to Clickbank and choose the product I show you in this video. They will pay you $125 per sign up. That's a good amount of cash to make per sale with affiliate marketing.

Now that you have a product you want to go and post that product on Pinterest with your affiliate marketing link. Now head over to Pinterest ads and this is how you will make your money online. When people click the link and buy you will get paid This is a great way to learn how to earn money online if you are a beginner.

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    • Mousomi Sultana

      I am your first liker and first commenter ang viewer

      • Alhassan Kiwamdeen

        I present to your Golden medal. Haha

    • How What Why

      First comment! Wahey! You is the man Franklin! Love your vids!

    • Kenrick Palmer

      I I’m your first likes

    • Franklin Hatchett

      Online over the next 24 hours replying to questions!

      • waqar rahim

        hey man thanks for you time i wanna ask about affiliate marketing. i am promoting diffetent products on digistore but no sales yet. would you please guide me where to promote and where to get the free traffic

      • Maxamed Cali

        Do you make any investment?

      • BeccaFit

        Can you go over how to maximize Rank Math (how to use and understand) plugin in wordpress when starting out with a blog? You stated to keep pumping content and wait about 3 months for Google to rank and generate some organic traffic. What are some other things to do other than those to maximize your leads?

    • Yanieka Stewart

      Do you do hands on training?

      • Beautiful Mind

        Yanieka Stewart he has training and a fb private group..his training is cheap and marvelous! But you need to really take it serious, I took his course but I work full time so I’m lazy no one to blame but me.

    • Jason Lim MMO

      Thanks Franklin for the great content as always!
      I’ve gone through your savage affiliate course and already made some sales.
      I have even created a Youtube channel to keep track of my progress.
      Looking forward for your next video 💪🔥

    • money maker 001

      thank you for this great video

    • kalongo richard

      This video is GD,but very complicated,can u find a way of simplifying it.soo many procedures and clicks…I got lost.but it’s gd

    • Punit Mahajan

      What is the conversion rate and profit? Can you share the results..

    • Mike Pointon

      Hey Franklin, Do you have any other emails to get hold of you on other than and I’ve tried these to but no luck 😔

      • Franklin Hatchett

        I got your email man but it’s a huge email. I gets 100s of emails a day so I will get to ti when i can.

    • Josephine Jacobs

      I now watch your videos first, taking notes of products/companies where you recommend signing up for. Then I signup and come back and follow your tips. Will follow up with how they are working etc. many thanks

    • Mobile Millionaire

      Angel dust effect baby!!!!

    • Fitinx.

      Hi franklin is there any other way I can paste links without having a product that’s compatible with youtube I want to do fitness

    • Josephine Jacobs

      In your last video you mentioned free link shorteners but didn’t mention which one(s) you prefer to use.

    • Josephine Jacobs

      Do you have separate emails for the “tests” and a separate email for non tests?

    • Josephine Jacobs

      A lot of ppl dropped affiliate marketing on Pinterest when Etsy changed their affiliate marketing regulations.

    • Dhiraj Pathak

      How to promote CPA link through pininterest.. please guide..

    • brokentubing

      Hey, great video! I’ve been at this for about 17 years and it’s good to see the real stuff being shared… unfortunately, there are so many people can’t follow the simplest instruction or to not take it literally, but you are a better person at this…

    • Johnson Wale

      Good day, how do I receive my dark mhe on clickbank as a Nigerian and through what means. Thanks.

    • Andrew Blondell

      I bought in to that program. And spend 200 dollars and my account got disabled. It’s been like this for 2 weeks now.

      • Franklin Hatchett

        What program?

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