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When you start trying to make money online it can be very confusing. I made this free tutorial to point you in the right direction and help you make more than 300 per week online as a beginner. Alright you might not make $300 every single week. But, you can earn some money with this and it's easy to understand. I will also show you how to get fast traffic.

First you need to find some products to make a commission from. The method we are going to use in this tutorial is affiliate marketing. You will earn money by recommending web hosting to people looking to start websites online. You can make $65 or more per sale when someone makes a website online. This works well for beginners in 2020 and will help you make money online.

Once out have found multiple web hosting platforms to promote we then need to create a free website where we review these hosting platforms. You will not need to spend any money on this because it's free to sign up as an affiliate. Now, how do you make money on the internet with this? You want to head over to Google ads and start running ads to your free website. You will earn commissions fast when someone clicks the ad and makes a purchase.

Making money from home requires a product and some traffic, that's all you need. This free training just showed you how you can do this.

*You can assume that I will receive a commission for anything I recommend. Any earnings or income representations are aspirational statements only and results are not typical. There is no guarantee that you’ll receive the same results or any results at all. Your results will depend entirely on your work ethic. These videos are for educational purposes only. Im also not a financial advisor.

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        I want to earn like you plz sir

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        Hey i bought the course but i still havent been accepted into the facebook group. I bought the savage affiliate standard course

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        I need some help to make a PayPal account

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      A lot of good information for me, love your channel man, Make more digistore24 videos, Thankyou

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      Boom!!! Amazing video

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      I wish everyone who read this happiness and success ✅✅

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      Loved It!

    • 10k subscribers,10 videos challenge.

      Give me something that works for Kenya

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      I’m gonna try. Excited! Thx Franklin x

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      Always like the value you provide in your videos on YouTube. People are flocking to channels like this one. How to make more money online. I love affiliate marketing.

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      Thank you for another great video and thank you for being real. I really appreciate that very much.

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      Hi Franklin, Again an excellent video with high valuable and good to follow content! Thanks for sharing this for free. It’s really very helpful to follow your channel. Best, Ralph

    • shivam Shukla

      please make a video on earning only 1$ daily and also redeemable on that day

      • shivam Shukla


      • shivam Shukla

        Hey u r great man


      How much you pay per click on Google I heard is really expensive?

    • Pete Mitchell

      Very good info. I purchased your Savage Affiliate program…still going through. Trying to jump start and get some sales going. Couple of questions…you mention that there’s a template included with the list. I see the link to the list and opened..but don’t see the template to set up the page. Second, do I need to create an entire website…or just the post that you’re recommending? Lastly, most of the Affiliate programs I’ve applied for do request my website address….which I have not setup yet. What do you recommend? Thanks!

    • Elipse Productions

      thank you man … nice way… where we can get google ads bonus if we buy

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      if NZ $60 gives you 12 clicks and bluehost pays you $65 then its a profit of just $5 NZ

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      Does Google AdWords permit affiliate link on the landing page?


      Thanks franklin Great informative video I enjoyed watching very much. Thank for you making this great video that is helpful to everyone! Thanks!

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