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Usually, we talk about affiliate marketing on this channel. This is not about affiliate marketing, and you will learn how to make money online by re selling services. Earning money on the internet can be simple sometimes and today I want to show you how in this tutorial. When I was doing this method, I was making about $600 a week into PayPal

The first step to make money with this is to sign up to the website I show you in the tutorial. Now, how do you make money on PayPal with this? You will make money online by listing your service on one then our sourcing it on the other website I show you. For example you can sell social signals for $10 and then buy them from someone for $3 you will make $7 profit.

If you are a beginner and want to start online and make money online then, this could be a good place to start for you. You might not earn a lot of money, but you can get paid some cash into your PayPal account as a side hustle.

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    • Jordan Aubrey- Real Estate Investing Done Right

      Man you stay dropping gems appreciate it my man!

    • Eben Tee Entertainment

      Whoever is reading this, you will be successful one day. Lets do this for the future

      • Angie Arthur

        I agree with you 1,000% 💃💃💃

    • im_Jordan

      🎁 + cash: I actually thought of this once. It’s nice to see that someone else has actually done it

    • Think About Search

      Hatred from Legiit here. Something to keep in mind are the fees associated with selling on websites like Legiit in order to maintain a decent margin. For instance, platform fees (minimal in comparison to sites like Fiverr), as well as affiliate fees (someone sharing your gig can get commission), both of which effectively chew away at the margin. Legiit takes 15% regardless of the order. If your gig is shared by an affiliate, that’s also another 15%. To illustrate, my gig on Legiit is $200 for 10 PBN posts. If no affiliate, I make $170 (Legiit platform fees). If there is an affiliate, I make $140 (:egiit platform fees + affiliate fees). — Keep this stuff in mind when deciding on your base rate guys/gals!

      • Janae C

        Thanks Think About Search, good to know!

      • Carlos Martinez REBORNed

        Good info and thanks!

    • dill tw

      🎁+cash – I’m gonna try this straight away!! Once again thankyou for you time and teachings franklin- and thanks for your giveaways, I hope I win this last time 🤞🤞🤞

    • Franklin Hatchett

      Got some free training here for you!
      FREE Ecom Training!
      FREE Affiliate Training!

      • sarvansh singhal

        What if someone directly goes to seoclerks and buy from there
        Will it work in long run ???

    • Luresh

      🎁 + Cash . Franklin I’ve been following you since 2018 . I’m 19 now , I want to start a website and the cash will allow me to start a website using your blue host link . I have a perfect non saturated niche and I’m ready to change my life . I live in South Africa and the cash is worth over 17 times more in my country so I can start a website and do a lot with the money . Thanks for all the information you’ve shared over the years , you were the first guy who taught me about a website and affiliate marketing .

      • John Willson

        Oh man, you have no idea how much money you need to spend to make it works. You also can do everything by yourself but it will take even more time until you start getting any profit from that. Good luck anyway!

    • Hammou Baamara

      🎁 + cash: the best content of digital marketing in YTB

    • Jan Gerhards

      🎁 + course: interested to go through the affiliate course if winning…

    • Renzo Luna

      🎁 + cash: Yo, great video!! This dropservicing stuff is interesting.

    • Shawdae Jackson

      🎁 + Cash I truly do appreciate this channel. Thank You!!!

    • Helin Patel

      🎫+ course: invest on own self to learn your strategy of work and apply in to my work…

    • Mahmoud Awawdeh

      🎁 + Course I truly do appreciate your efforts, I like this channel.Thank You

    • Jean Cirume

      🎁+course : hope to win the last giveaway this time.
      Always great content ! keep up Frank !

    • Andre Parker

      🎁 + cash: Love the vids man! One of the only channels with free content that make money…


      🎁+cash : following your content for years now


      🎁+cash: following your content for years now

    • John Willson

      🎁 + cash: hm I’ve known about this method but have never tried for some reason.

    • Udit Maurya

      🎁 + Cash : I’ve following you since last year, You are great with these strategies. Thanks for the help!

    • DeathKiller

      🎁 + Cash : Bro thanks so much for doing this 3>

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