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This is a new way to make money on Facebook and it's free! This could work great in 2021 and I want to show you in this tutorial how its works.

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Facebook is the biggest social media platform online and there is money to be made. Billions of people use Facebook and you can sell products to them via the Marketplace. You can sell them products you never touch by dropshipping over the Facebook market place.

First, you need to find somewhere that sells products so you can then resell them on Facebook. You can use websites like Esty or Red Bubble to find products. I would recommend going for high ticket items or mid ticket. if you want to make money on Facebook it's best to sell products that will give you the best profit margin.

Once you have a product you can make money from, upload this product to the Facebook marketplace. Once someone purchases that product you take their details and buy that product on Esty or Red Bubble then send it to them that way. This is how you can make money on Facebook for free with the drop shipping method.

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    • Franklin Hatchett

      Hey guys winners from the last video below. They have been contacted from the last video.
      Joe Sanchez
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      • EndlessInterestingFacts AroundTheGlobe

        In 2021 I want to provide for my family and take care of my parents

    • Rajat Dutta

      I want to start a tech review blog and a book review blog.

    • Jade Choi - Million Dollar Challenge

      I don’t know who needs to hear this but “Greatness is often built when no one is watching.” So don’t give up and keep going.

    • shivam pandey

      But wouldn’t the buyer get the invoice of $20 or so and come back to you for the incorrect invoice?

      • MAKING MONEY Africa

        It won’t bro , trust this Method works

    • Henry Jessica

      In 2021 I want to make money through blogging and affiliate marketing

    • James Merriner

      In 2021 I want to get my affiliate business off the ground.

    • Jus B

      Yes but how is the customer paying you? Via PayPal or bank transfer or ? Thanks


      Fact : people will not believe on you so they will not send you first any money.

    • Mohd Nakhaie

      In 2021 I want to become financially stable and I want to have recurring income

    • Famille Bussieres-Mainville

      In 2021, I want to finally start earning a full time income online! 13 years of trying and failing is enough!

    • Aman Chaudhary

      In 2021 I Want To Start A Stable Source Of Income

    • Michael Jennings

      In 2021, I want to become financially independent.

    • Inspired Millionaire - Make Money Online

      Facebook marketplace is really a great place to some side income on Facebook thanks Franklin for the video as always

    • Actually Business

      *” life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it “*

    • Johnson Lin

      Nice, I am thinking about getting an idea from the marketplace and make a similar design to Redbubble and repost back to the marketplace don’t know if this going to work?

    • Gia's Music Hub: More than just a music

      I want to make money online to support my kids, generally my family. I have been following you for a while. I hope to win some of your course


      In 2021 I want to make money with my pet blog and eventually leave my job! This is my goal! So, your courses will be more then welcome!😍 Thank’s for such a value!

    • Midi Deguru

      in 2012 i want to become financially independent

    • David Moran

      What happens when the customer receives the product from Etsy (including the invoice showing $20) and they visit the sellers store and see that they just paid $40 for a $20 item? Will that not come back on you as a return and a very angry customer?

    • Jack Megavolt

      Freddie Mercury: In 2021 I Want to Break Free 😁

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