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So you want to make money on Youtube and don't have your own video? this is how you do it!

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Did you know you can make money on youtube without actually making videos? In this tutorial for beginners I will show you how to can earn on youtube by using other people videos and even royalty free music.

The first step to this method is to find a niche to do this in. once you find a niche that make money then you can start on the next steps. Follow along in this tutorial and go to the websites I mention. Once you make the videos you can then upload them and make money.

How do you make money with youtube? Once you have 4000 watch time and 1000 Subscribers then you can monetize your videos to make money online with youtube in 2021 and beyond.

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    25 replies to "How To Make Money On Youtube Without Making Your Own Videos! (Step By Step)"

    • Franklin Hatchett

      Winner from last video below (we contact them on last video)
      Mike Hird
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      • Mandy Andrews

        But first you need 1000 subscribers 🙈🙈

      • Franklin Hatchett

        @Mandy Andrews We all start with zero :).

      • Darlene Lancaster

        Congrats to Mike…

      • Markon Pinnock

        Can you help me to make some money

      • Ghostn

        Hello do you need to be a certain age to do affiliate marketing? I am 16 years old and clickbank keeps deleting my account can you please help me ?

    • Tomas Sandnes

      Yes!😎 Love you’re videos btw😉

    • Badshah Looter

      Sir big fan😘

    • Prisca Gouli

      I don’t have a YouTube channel but would love to !! Thanks foe always sharing great value

    • Elliot Sumitomo-wyatt

      Yes I have I have a youtube channel, love the videos.

    • Kobi Nathan

      No, I don’t have a video channel, but actively looking into starting one.

    • Louis Moore Real Estate Investor

      Yes, awesome content

    • Prisca Gouli

      Hi Franklin i have a website can I use it for affiliate marketing? Thanks

    • Maaz

      Love you sir.. keep blessing us with this amazing opportunities!😇
      May God bless you!!

    • فضاء TV

      Thanks bro…I am from Morocco 🇲🇦💙

    • David Kuebler

      I do not have a Youtube Channel. Want to get one up soon, just a little overwhelmed on the startup.

    • Moya Clarke

      I don’t have one but watching your video has given me motivation to start one

    • Edison Hon

      yes, I am currently doing reviewing digital products channel

    • J Shah

      what do you do with the thumbnail after we select the photo or pic to use?

    • Darlene Lancaster

      Hi Franklin, yes! I have a few Youtube channels for my products… Will I need to start a new channel for a sleep-music video? Thank you in advance!

    • Justian Sethio Handoyo

      Not yet, but will starting asap😎

    • NBT Basketball

      No i dont but thank you for sharing and helping all of us. Much appreciated 🙏🏼👍🏼👌🏼

    • Empowering Beautiful Souls

      Awesome video, full of actionable steps Franklin!! I have a youtube channel and will start implementing this strategy asap! THANK YOU!!

    • Peace Jack

      Yes, I do vlog channel

    • Tanya Buchanan

      Yes, I have a youtube channel but have found it a little difficult to create video’s with a two year old.

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