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Want to learn how to make money with Youtube Adsense? In this tutorial I show you how Im making over $100 a day with Youtube Adsense
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What is Youtube Adsense? Did you know you don't need lots of subscribers to make money with Youtube Adsense? In this tutorial I show you how you can build up a Youtube channel. What you need to understand about Youtube is something called RPM and CPM, the higer these are the better. This depends on the niche you choose.

The first step to making money with Youtube Adsense is to choose a niche I have left a list of the best niches in 2020 and 2021 in the video. I show you the best niches for YouTube Adsense. Once you have done that you need to go and create your Youtube channel. This is easy to do for beginners and won't take you long to do.

Once you have the Youtube account setup you will then start posting content based on your topic. To make money with Youtube Adsense, you will need 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watch time. Try and find topics that are popular and that people are actually searching for. Optimize your videos, and you will make more money from Youtube Adsense.

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    • Franklin Hatchett

      Winners from last video!
      Sanidu Anupama

      • Dream_ zzZzzZ

        Hi frank

        If i only have a phone no laptop or computer
        Is there a way i can still do this

      • Lucy Njoki

        Hi Franklin, how do I make money here in Africa Kenya with just my laptop and wifi…please simplest way. …Thankyou..

      • FluffySpaceShark

        Wow, was not expecting to win, how do I get in touch with you? Thanks.
        Edit: Nevermind, emailed.

    • Mobile Millionaire

      awesome video! Im grinding my YT Channel hopefully I can get these results one day 💰💰🙌🙌

    • MM Personal

      Great video sir!

    • Sourjo Sen-Millionaire Success

      You are the best in the entire planet. Congratulations to the everyday winners. I always watch you videos and take action. And always brand new methods. Thanks very much. You are a money making machine

    • Cake Party

      I try to win giveaway competition for 3 months and I haven’ t won a single time

      • Franklin Hatchett

        We use a random comment generator. I dont pick them

    • Creatorz pandaz

      Belated merry Christmas bro

    • Sanidu Anupama

      Another inspiring video from the PRO. Thanks sir.😍

      • Franklin Hatchett


    • Divine Love333

      Wow! Thank you so much!

    • samantha sigaban

      Well how do we then promote this YouTube channel?

    • Medical Marijuana USA

      Where do you outsource the video creation?

    • Digital Entrepreneur

      That’s really a great one. My Goal was to reach 100 per day with AdSense

    • Successful Person

      these videos are no longer monetised . i tried to monetised but no thing monetise

    • MakeMoneyOnline

      You should mention how many watch hours and subscribers you need to monetise it.

      • Sheba Comfort

        Exactly, that’s the part they leave out.

    • Robert Harris

      If you had a background music channel and you had a video for say relaxing background music but then workout background music or background music for reading, would you niche down to just relaxing background music or do other types of background music too? I’m wondering if I niche down I’ll be more likely to get more subscribers, because people who want relaxing music won’t necessarily want workout music that’s more upbeat and energetic.

    • Ishai Brav

      Franklin I just want to say thanks for some great content!

      • Franklin Hatchett

        Thanks 🙂

    • Gem

      Hey how can i have multiple YouTube channel and also a blog website monetise with Adsense in safe way

      • Gem

        I have a Adsense monetised beauty blog and created a YouTube channel recently which is not monetised yet so if I want to have 1 more YouTube channel will I be allowed to monetise it?if yes then pls tell me the procedure to it

    • Jayde Ash

      I thought i recently saw that youtube is no longer monetizing talk to speech videos from Reddit

      • Franklin Hatchett

        As shown in the video they have ads in them.

    • Innocentadvertising

      Hey Franklin, thanks for the video. Are you sure these videos still monetize as I’ve seen else where that YouTube no longer pays out on text to voice videos. Can you please confirm. Thanks.

      • Franklin Hatchett

        The ones I show in the videos have ads on them..

      • Innocentadvertising

        @Franklin Hatchett Thanks for the reply. Been reading up a bit on it since watching your video and seems like some.of the bigger Reddit types sites have been left alone but new ones will not work. It’s a shame as the method looks like easy money

    • david eakin

      I’m thinking of signing on with Savage Affiliates. Are you updating it at all or have methods changed since you made S.A 2.0?

      • Franklin Hatchett

        We update if anything changes however nothing much changes in the world of affiliate marketing etc.

    • Digital Freedom Enterprise

      Thanks for the vid OG

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