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Want to make money from Ethereum? I make $100 a day from mining Ethereum and in this tutorial I will show you how to get setup for beginners in less than 10 minutes.

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Making money with Ethereum is becoming easier because the price is going up. You can make more my mining the coin and it's the most profitable coin to mine in 2021. You will need a GPU to do this or you will need a complete mining rig. Most tutorials for beginners are complicated so i want to show you a faster quicker way to get stared.

The first step is head over to a website called Minerstat and download the client to your computer. You can do this on mac or Windows. Once you have done this ,follow the steps I do in the video. This is the best way for beginners because you don't need to mess with any code. You can start making money in less than 10 minutes.

I make about $100 a day mining Ethereum online and it's a great way to make a side income. You should be able to make a little bit of money each day from mining Ethereum from your GPU.

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    35 replies to "How To Mine Ethereum & Make Money 2021 Tutorial! (Setup In 10 Minutes Guide)"

    • Franklin Hatchett

      Forgot to add the emoji! It’s a smily face 😊. Comment the emoji below or type “face” for a chance to win.

      Winner from last video below (we contact them on last video)
      James Shaw

      • Andrew Bangs

        Can i do this on my android phone?? Because sir i dont have brand new laptop, if you can find another way to make mining in phones possible please make a tutorial for it also,that would be a great help for us broke people

      • Deviii Williams

        I watched it so many times i was wonder if i missed it so i watched and watched it over n over💀😂😂

      • Franklin Hatchett

        Yea my bad sorry 😂

      • Yeti

        Hey Frank! Sir I won your giveaway.. I am trying to email you but I am getting server error.. like can’t reach at this domain

      • Franklin Hatchett
    • Carter

      I’d avoid Atomic Wallet like the plague. I’ve heard more horror stories from this wallet than any other.

      • Franklin Hatchett

        I haven’t has any issues but will keep that in mind thanks 🙂

    • Hayden Ali

      Where do you sell the coin? Also do you get paid out in dollars or do you have to find the customers to sell it to?

      • Franklin Hatchett

        I sell it on crypto exchanges like binance 🙂

    • Brittany Robinson

      Taking some time to try this out!!

    • Behrang Behjoo

      What gpu do you use? Or recommend?

      • Franklln Hatchëťt

        C/O/N/T/A/C/T O/N W/H/A/T/S/A/A/P +1-/ 6-/3-/1-/7-/7-/0-/8-/4-/0-/5….

    • Xhashy

      Smile 😊

    • Thomas M

      I’m confused about one thing, you have 8 video cards in one machine? Or do you have 8 machines running?

      • As Tw

        In one machine

      • Franklin Hatchett

        One machine. Custom made mining rig. Can buy them online

      • Thomas M

        @Franklin Hatchett thank you.

    • Hayden Ali

      Can you also explain the bit where i need my own url address where do i find that? Thank you

      • Franklln Hatchëťt

        C/O/N/T/A/C/T O/N W/H/A/T/S/A/A/P +1-/ 6-/3-/1-/7-/7-/0-/8-/4-/0-/5….

    • Keto Recipes

      What if your graphics card is not listed?
      Can you mine from your Macbook Air?

      • FitClubFCN

        both questions were about to come from me.

    • Dcareviewallproducts Curt A.

      😊 thank you for this great video. My wife was just talking about this. My question is this. How much do you have to have to start/invest this program?

      • Franklln Hatchëťt

        C/O/N/T/A/C/T O/N W/H/A/T/S/A/A/P +1-/ 6-/3-/1-/7-/7-/0-/8-/4-/0-/5..

    • Erik Sword


    • Annmarie Giovanniello

      😊 Smiley Face. Awesome video. Thank you!

    • I'm temi

      😊 I’m so trying this

    • Yeti

      Hey Frank! Sir I won your giveaway.. I am trying to email you but I am getting server error.. like can’t reach at this domain

    • Jhoan Monsalve

      Great video. Remember, Ada will soon have better gas prices than Eth and that’s gonna make people move to Ada, it’s expected to happen during the summer.

    • Hamid Salih

      😊 Great video

    • Alex Kij

      😊 Smiley Face.

    • charles OShea

      Smiley face.thx

    • Is'haaq Momohjimoh

      Hey Franklin, do I need to buy those cards? And How much does it cost in starting this?

    • Jorge Horst

      😊 Great content as always 🙂

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