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The best way to get free traffic is to do SEO. If you want to get google traffic I will show you how I get 1000s of views a day by doing search engine optimization on my websites.

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Before you do anything you want to make sure you target the right keywords. want to rank for "dog bowls"? Never going to happen it's just too hard for your website right now. You need to target long tail keywords on a new affiliate marketing website. Once you get the keywords right then you can move onto the next step in getting free SEO traffic.

The next step is optimizing your pages around the specific keyword you want to rank for. This is very import and if it's not done right the next step is pointless. Once you keyword shows up in the top 100 after doing that then you can move onto the next step.

If you want to rank your affiliate marketing website in google you will need to build or buy backlinks. I show you the type of backlinks i use in this tutorial. If you follow the steps in this SEO training for affiliate marketing you will get free traffic.

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      Hey guys winner from the last video below.
      Stephen McKee
      My ranking Stratagies:

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      I wish every lerson who read this comment success in 2021👍👆

    • Keith Ndunga

      I Like free traffic because it’s simply free and reaches a huge amount of people💯💯

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      I like free traffic because I don’t have much money to start the business & free traffic may give me the chance to strive.

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      I like free traffic because it’s no risk involved!🥳

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      I’m excites to learn your SEO methods! I’m realizing that is what I have been missing from my website.

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      I Like free traffic because I don’t have funds to buy media traffic.

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      Oh, I see. With your Headers, you’re adding questions that people looking for information on that topic may ask. That keeps ppl on the same page longer to help your website build authority faster

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      I like free traffic because it’s the easiest way to earn money online if you’re broke

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      I like free traffic because it helps me reach out to more people to know the product and no risk involve. A lot more advantage on my part. 👍💪🇸🇽

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      I like free traffic because it doesn’t involve huge capital outlay

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