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Do you need followers to make money with affiliate marketing? In this tutorial I explain this and we will see if you need followers!
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You might think it's hard to do affiliate marekting with no followers, but it's not. There are many ways you can start affiliate marketing with no followers and I will show you how to do it in this tutorial. I started with zero followers and it wasn't very hard at all.

First you need to find a product to become an affiliate marker for. You can go to networks like Clickbank and also Amazon to find products to promote. Once you find a product to promote you want to do some research and see how others are driving traffic to that products.

In most cases when someone wants to make money with affiliate marketing they use free traffic methods. You can use Youtube traffic or Google organic traffic. In this tutorial i will show you how to make money with affiliate marketing even if you are a beginner in 2021.

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    23 replies to "How To Start Affiliate Marketing With ZERO Followers In 2021 (Step By Step Beginners)"

    • Franklin Hatchett

      Hey guys winner from the last video below.
      Jason james
      Who’s next?

      • Arabia Gaming


    • Romano Madlangawa

      Finding the video to help me earn my earning and to the next. 😭😅😭😂

    • Toluwanimi Oladele

      My biggest online struggle is getting traffic 😩, the struggle though especially when you live in a third war country.

    • Captain Haikal

      My big struggle to affiliate marketing is myself. Thanks Franklin for this video and look forward to get your course 💐🤗

    • Amadou DIALLO

      My biggest struggle is finding the right audience who are interesting to buy my product ( digital or physical )

      • Franklin Hatchett

        For more enlightenment

      • Franklin Hatchett

        W……H……A…….T…….S…….A…….P……. +1=8=2=8=2=2=2=0=7=0=4

    • Shadow Kingston

      I need to build a email list I need to understand the ground rules on the front end and the back end

    • jamesjlee0521

      My biggest struggle is writing 2000 word blog articles

    • jamesjlee0521

      How many blog articles should I post before using pinterest?

    • Dan B

      My largest struggle is finding the right keywords for my blog posts. I write the entire article but im not sure if I’m targeting key words that have to much competition. Would love your course!!!

    • nilayan moodley

      My biggest struggle is marketing on a small budget

    • Tommy lee

      Hey Frank, thank you for your video and the encouragement… today’s struggle is start-up focus!

    • subhash akula

      My biggest struggle is how to make money through free traffic rather than paid help me out franklin

    • Shelby

      My biggest struggle is the fear of losing money if I ever invested in myself.

    • Rozz

      My block is writing the content & then being disappointed from no conversions as I spend so much time writing the content trying to make it perfect 😞

    • Rishil Alkesh

      The biggest struggle online is getting the first Sale

    • Wild Gentleman

      my biggest struggle is to get traffic

    • Amirul Hafeiz

      My biggest online struggle is gaining traffic and trying to build trust with email list

    • Vladimir Talevski

      I would like to know, how much e-mail lists or clickbank products to promote is necessary in order to make progress? Great content by the way, thaks for that!!!

    • onyeka weslely

      My biggest struggle with affiliate marketing is making sales using free traffic source without building email list, building trust online and finding right targeted audience without running ads

    • Jerry Charlie

      My biggest struggle is avoiding sending emails to the spam folder cuz it can be really aweful !

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