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How do you get started with no money? Dan's advice may shock you. It goes against a lot of the conventional wisdom when it comes to entrepreneurship. Watch this video to discover how to get started with no money.


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Dan Lok is a Chinese-Canadian business magnate and global educator. Mr. Lok is leading a global education movement spanning across 120+ countries where Mr. Lok has taught millions of men and women to develop high income skills, unlock true financial confidence and master their financial destinies.

Beyond his success in business, Mr. Lok was also a two times TEDx opening speaker. An international best-selling author of over a dozen books. And the host of The Dan Lok Show – a series featuring billionaire tycoons and millionaire entrepreneurs.

Today, Mr. Lok continues to be featured in hundreds of media channels and publications every year and is widely seen as one of the top business leaders by millions around the world.


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This video is about How To Start With No Money

    69 replies to "How To Start With No Money"

    • Aldo Rodriguez

      Now *THAT* Is An Opener!
      *GET A F@$%$! Job*
      _Very True Dan, You Need Some Type Of Money Coming In_

      • Matthew Henry

        @lenny108 *Get a FUCKING JOB!*

      • Elon Musk

        @Edward Chu周友丰 indeed no shortcut to any of the jobs near me. I need money to fix my truck to purchase a Tag, pay for Insurance every month, and tires because my tires are from the year 94 with belts broken all in them and lumps on the tires. Once I have the truck up and running legally then I wouldn’t mind getting my license, I’ve already got my learners license. I’m just in a hole and it’s very difficult to get money because of where I live and no transportation.

      • Jairou Kagiri

        @Elon Musk Places where there is little economic life is a challenging part, just glad to see Dan subtly called out the ‘scamming’ aspect of these advice ‘gurus’ who charge you to take their class or w/e that then ‘teaches’ you to go charge people to tell them charging them for information they may or may not already have is profitable. You may have to root around for farm work, carpentry jobs, etc., though try to be wise about it. Some people do rip you off out there, on purpose or incidentally. I know around here its pretty shady like that, but make sure you get your name out there and build a good reputation for working competence. I was told it’s who you know not what you know, up to the point you make a bad name for yourself.

        Transport can be tricky since you may not be hired over it even though you may be reliable in walking even a long distance to the job. Staffing agencies can help but they do take a cut of minimal wages, and even then in my area nepotism can back-door around those gate-keepers. But like he said if you develop a skill you an market on your own then do it, even if it is working on trucks. Get your name out there that you can do the repairs of certain types or any of them, and people will pay you well enough hopefully to for example, spare them a tow. If towing costs at least a hundred, they might be content to pay you 50$ for an hour or two, if it spares them a hundred or two since the shop won’t be cheap. Replacement parts is part of it but this example is more for like, tuning up a motor someone doesn’t touch themselves and could get it rolling enough to get them there, or whatever, if you run or bike to someone not so far away without any skill, changing a tire and even oil changes and such, you can undercut others.

    • Pontus Björsberg

      Dan lok = Million dollar advice for free

      • Inspire Media

        Pontus Björsberg Best Idea to set in our mind

      • mayonnaise

        @chintan patel fucking yeah

      • Jerry Charlie

        Not Million but Billion !!!

      • TheProgrammingJedi

        Dan is amazing! This guy is making me rich.


        Dan Thanks you

    • Lara Sousa

      “GET A F*CKING JOB” I love this lmao

      • Tobi 18473

        Is school allso work I’m only 14 and live in austria and there you can only work at the age of 15😂✌

    • Jotham Muriu

      I love how real you’re, no sugarcoating anything, just telling it like it is.

      • Chris Ven

        @YipYap Nation 😂😂

      • YipYap Nation

        Chris Ven no like I’m actually being serious lol

      • Chris Ven

        @YipYap Nation Well then, don’t use it, it is not correct

      • Kemigisha Rita

        What happens then when I fail to get a job?

      • YipYap Nation

        Kemigisha Rita persistence buddy

    • Paul C

      I’m 29. I wish you were around when I was 18. I would not have wasted so much time not knowing what to accomplish and having no plan.

      • Pixel

        Luckily I’m 17 so lucky

      • Azeez Nurudeen

        @Aaron Gunnz oo

      • prod. dercept

        what would your advice be for an 18 year old now?

      • Shawn

        u think u got it bad? I am 43 man and same regret

      • Erin Blue

        @Do Kim Kevin Don’t look behind look forward

    • David

      Question: how to start if you don’t have money
      Dan: get money
      Me: 😑 tnx

      • Btissam En nejjari

        😹😹😹 👍

      • Nadhir Lahlouhi



        Fucking job


        @MOTIVATION STORY And then invest on Dan Lok’s Course…. haha 🙂

      • SeanPFord

        He said get a job

    • Lucci Rexx

      😂 He went straight to the point

      • LLOPEZ 177

        Lucci Rexx 🤡

    • AJ's Green Topics

      Thanks for keeping it real. This is my type of leadership. Thanks for sharing.

    • Fly Zay Tv

      I watched 43 seconds of this Video and this man already got himself a new subscriber

      • Redemption Tai


      • iabaca

        Keep posting vids bro


      Put like, if you want to really make money….

      • Inspire Media

        AS START EARNING 3000 DOLLARS A DAY Best Idea to set in our mind

      • Benjamin Zandstra

        Can you really make 3000 dollars a day from your website?

      • Mystic Stardust

        @Benjamin Zandstra yes. According to many scams messages and emails. But I think it’s still possible if you fight for a way.

    • Keith Mhlambeni

      “Making no f*cking money ‘talking about buying a Rolls Royce, give me a f*cking break “

      • Redemption Tai

        I died 😂

      • stefani pitu


    • Abdul Wahab

      After 15 years I will come back to this video

      At that time I will earn my first million.

      • ILUX_Nemo17Xx

        Abdul Wahab I wish u lot of good luck I hope u succeed

      • Azulius

        so sure ?

      • khan asad

        Wahab you are great chotiya

      • dreamz unlimited

        all the best….

      • Mohammed Adanaan

        Abdul Wahab in sha allah

    • BM

      2k a month from a job, ahahahahahahaah
      I make only 450$
      2k is like a high paying

      • Blaire Xiong

        2k a month is making around $12-13 which is entry level pay… given if you’re working full time. If you’re only getting $450, you’re lazy and likely not working to the maximum allotted hours a week. Starting a business is going to have you working closed to 24/7.. so, good luck

      • Filip Kocanovic

        @Blaire Xiong depends on where you live. In my country 1k a month is a rly high paying job. Minimum wage here is like 250$ per month. Sooo dont judge without knowing the situation people are in. With a masters degree where i am from you can earn max around 800 per month and that is the best entery lvl job you can find.

      • FreeLeGiOn

        BM $450
        $100 on advertising online PROPERLY e.g get a product based on a nice and advertise to people you know will get you the right audience and views

        Buy your product that I assumed you’ve done a lot of research into finding a decent product in bulk that’s like $300 max

        Use Shopify’s 7 day trail or buy it with that remaining $50

        Make a plan and aim for about 20 to 30 percent profit margins

        That’s an extra 135 a week so in a month that’s 540 dollars effectively doubling your monthly income

        Easy done

      • FreeLeGiOn

        Gabe Itch Norway is also the most financially free place in the world

      • FreeLeGiOn

        BM amd then you reinvest that money and end up with 162 a week times 4 that’s 648 a month and so on to the point where you quit your job to reinvest your time in researching your next entrepreneurial project that you’ve researched and set a plan up for

    • ChilledRainn

      I am 12 but I can’t get a job😭
      Well I do mow lawns if that counts

      • Gilded Chamber

        There’s a 16 year old kid in HTC that’s making thousands of dollars a month closing. Keep watching this Dan on Demand and you’ll have more knowledge going forward than most adults have who are decades older. Your time will come if you want it.

      • Natalia Esco

        Heck yeah the counts! And you started early!

      • Mariah Cruces

        Good kid watching this early!

      • Sahil Mantri

        You earn for that ?

    • Dishant Mehta

      Me: I want a Rolls Royce.

      Dan Lok: 3:35

      • Kiran V


    • Itsmo 96

      I’m sure his drivers quit their jobs casually…

      • Tommy Vercetti

        Itsmo 96 LOL

    • Alexis Finklea

      Best video. This is what I mean when i say “How to get rich”

      • Glucky Strong

        Alexis Finklea, get a packing job! 😂😂😂

    • Home Business University

      “Sing like no one’s listening, love like you’ve never been hurt, dance like nobody’s watching, and live like its heaven on earth. ” -Mark Twain

    • seth nwoks

      This guy is just too real… Now I’m gonna take my schooling seriously

    • GGG GGG

      Nothing wrong with working a job, just don’t stay there.

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