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The biggest success killer for most people is complacency. Have you ever been around a group of people and you felt pretty damn good about yourself? That could be one sign of destructive complacency. So if you want to achieve great success and freedom in life, watch this video now to discover how to get rid of complacency.


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This video is about How To Succeed When You're Comfortable

    27 replies to "How To Succeed When You’re Comfortable"

    • Niccy Sings

      I’d love to have this issue 😆

      • Mubashir Rafique

        It’s not for people who love it😎

    • AussieMoneyMan

      I run into this myself. Sometimes it’s okay though, we don’t all need a billion dollars to be satisfied. That being said, if it is an issue for you then certainly this advice is useful.

      • Jet

        2:40 “I have higher expectations for myself than anybody else, I am not even 1% of where I want to be compared to my vision”
        3:04 “The money doesn’t drive me anymore, you need something bigger, you need a bigger purpose”

        So I guess the problem here isn’t about having money to be satisfied but your lack of vision for yourself hence the complacency

      • AussieMoneyMan

        @Jet I would say not, see just as we do not all need a billion dollars we do not all need 1M followers or any other metric of success to be happy.

    • Rise Tune

      i love you dan and actually i live in a third world country and i am stuck i have no idea about how to escape this nightmare please help me i’m dying my girlfriend has left me , and life is beating me

    • Passive Income Tom

      *Set BIG goals. These have to be goals you can’t reach in a month or two. Your goals are too small. 10X your current goal.* 😉

      • Ahmed Alsarah

        from Dan Pena site
        Gotcha you
        LMAO, i had already Changed my Goal cuz of this Role
        and am doing Fantastic

    • lalet narvaja channel

      Aim high, dream high.
      But dont forget to be kind when you achieved all your plan.. Be humble.
      Anybody wants to be succesful.

      • Aleksandr Kisslove


    • Bona Fide Path

      Become comfortable with being uncomfortable..currently conditioning myself to do this on a regular basis!

      • David S

        Seek Discomfort 🙂

    • Atlanta Homes for Sale

      Dan, there is always something of value to take away from your videos. I think our environment and the people we associate with, quite often family members are the reasons we get complacent and never achieve greatness. We need to find more Dan Loks to associate with.

    • Pursue Happiness

      Fascinating!! Seems like we try to always find higher comfort zone.

    • Aleksandr Kisslove

      I really needed to hear this❤thank you.
      I really like what you said in the end…to be the poorest person that you hang around👍not only will that give you a push to achieve more, but also you can learn so much knowledge just hanging around them

    • Mary Rose Pelaez

      This is something I need to ponder especially that quote you said 3:18, “hell on earth is meeting the woman/man you coulda been.” :O

      • Jason Cox

        That is a powerful statement. You are ALWAYS ONLY one step away from being that person

    • FAT HEAL

      🔥 1% ! Let’s keep going!

    • Lawrence Reid

      I was fortunate enough to be able to take 5 years off work to spend with my children who I didn’t see you for the first four or five years because I was working a lot of hours. Best thing I ever did.

    • Abdulmalik Umar

      Hmm my dear Dan, I missed you 😘

    • MINDS in Motion

      “You want to be the poorest person in the group you hang around”- Dan Lok

    • AlexanderKaatv

      I can’t get complacent when I am working on my 6-figure CIB award. Then come 7-figures, then comes 8-figures and by this time so many people depend on me I am bound to be better and do more.

    • Avi P.

      Thanks Dan! You’re the man. Much love from 香港 ❤️

    • Sulpice ADJAMAN

      Hey Dan. You’re getting more and more cute. Or am I wrong? 😃
      I like everything about you Idol. 🏆
      Thanks for the value you always provide in your videos. 🙏✌

    • Ricardo Heesbeen

      Great video sifu, I really realized that I have low self-esteem. That’s why your last live class 8 you gave really helped me with the gun-to-head urgency and visualizing your most loved one kidnapped and that you need to get $10k a month. This would also help for those who need to earn more like the guy in your video

    • Manifest Freedom

      Whenever I reach a goal it feels almost like I’m unfulfilled and want to then go farther. I don’t have that issue where I’m comfortable. And I agree, hang around those that make you better.

    • Neka Vibes

      I was doing well in my business then I decided to scale up.. now struggling to keep up sometimes I wished I had not scaled up. The urge to quit is high

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