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I made $10,00 on Clickbank in 24 hours while I was half asleep! In this beginner tutorial, I show you how I make money on Clickbank.
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One of the best ways to make money with affiliate marketing is to use Clickbank. Clickbank is a marketplace you can use to find products to promote online. When you promote these products you get paid a commission in return. This is a great way for beginners to make money with affiliate marketing.

In this tutorial, I will show you how I made $10,000 online with Clickbank. I'm not saying you can make $10,00, I'm saying that's what I made with the network. I made this money by running a Youtube ad that I started at 3am when I was half asleep. I always like to test things and this was a fun test.

The product I promoted was paying out about $1,700 in commissions so it was a high ticket item. The best thing about high ticket products is you can spend quite a bit on advertising because you know you will make that back. if you want to know how to make money on Clickbank then this is the tutorial for you.

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    31 replies to "I Made $10,000 In 24 Hours On Clickbank While Half Asleep! BeginnersTutorial (PROOF)"

    • Kazybek Tolegen - Million Dollar Challenge

      Great job Franklin, love your videos! 👍😊

    • Franklin Hatchett

      Hey guys winner from the last video below.
      Relic Me
      Full Affiliate Training 👉
      Full eCom Training 👉

      • Usama Ejaz

        Hey Man can you tell me the best paid traffic method to generate sales as well as leads?

      • Hasan Mahmud

        Nice tutorial.. ❤️❤️❤️

    • Tomas Sandnes

      I love clickbank because it’s beginner friendly and high commissions😉

      • Franklin Hatchett


    • Max Gerstenmeyer

      *Learned a lot from this channel. I have made 5k this year with affiliate marketing and freelancing*

      • st 28421

        No way, really?

      • Max Gerstenmeyer

        @st 28421 yes really 😉

      • st 28421

        @Max Gerstenmeyer wow, great 👏👏👍💰👍 do you use free traffic or paid?

      • Max Gerstenmeyer

        @st 28421 i use mostly free Traffic

      • st 28421

        @Max Gerstenmeyer 👌👌👉💰💰👍💰

    • Actually Business

      *” I will succeed for my parents, for all they have made for me! I hope you will too “*

      • Dean Van Rensburg

        Respect 💪💪

      • Tommy Bryson

        Why don’t you invest

    • Smart Money

      Great resoult Franklin!

    • Vadim Amirch

      i love clickbank because most products have affiliates tools

    • Horror Nights

      i love clickbank because of its high commission rates… 💸💣💥

    • Penny Flow - Real Estate & Investing Strategies

      This really incredible 🔥🔥🔥, I can’t wait to get here someday.

    • Dcareviewallproducts Curt A.

      Thank you for a great video. I love how excited you get when you talk about affiliate marketing. Very inspirational.

    • How To Howdy

      I Love Clickbank Because they pay out every week without fail.

    • SG3D

      I love Clickbank because there are tons of affiliate programs in there.

    • 16Gym

      Hi Franklin,
      Could you please talk about how exactly do we place ads?

    • Health Dummy

      I love Clickbank because it’s helping me reach freedom to live as I truly want to live. It’s a beautiful tool to have on your side!

    • miguelwpratt

      Has anyone other than Frankie made millions in one night selling whatever online?

      • Urban Ropotar

        I am asking myself the same question 😕

    • Someonegreat Instrumentals

      I love clickbank because it’s an easy way to make money

    • Umar Nawaz Khan

      I’ve not signed up to ClickBank, so can’t say anything about that, but I really appreciate your honesty ❤️

    • ian3897

      I love clickbank because it opens a door to make the extra money we want or need.

    • Kim Saddler

      I love clickbank because it give me the freedom to create a income so I can take care of the things which are important to me

    • Peter Matus

      I love Clickbank because is beginner friendly and you need to start somewhere..!

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