If you want to make good money with Shopify and build a great business using Shopify you need to get to work.

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First thing you need to do is change your mindset if you think this stuff is going to be easy, I tell it how it really is… a hustle.

Step 1: Make sure you test multiple products at the start. You only really need to do this why starting out because one you have a few winners under your belt it becomes super easy. Trust me, it really does. If you get stuck in a dark hole with one product that just won't work you will burn money faster than me at the casino.

Step 2: In this Shopify and drop shipping game you need to be finding your own methods, just use our methods as guidelines. Once you start to figure things out you will start taking a bigger risk with your money and that when you can start doing things that go against all the rules. Well, you should start doing that! Why? because you will find something that works and it will work real good. Risk takers collect rewards, if you be to conservative sticking to everyone else out dated method it's going to be hard.

Step 3: Scale… and scale consistently. Scale out by offering upsells, sending out emails, getting that Facebook retargeting going. Keep trying to improve customer long term value with your Shopify store. Only do this once you have winners and consistent money coming in. This my friend in the key to a long term profitable Shopify store.

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    30 replies to "If You REALLY Want To Make Money With Shopify Stop Doing This Or You Will Fail"

    • John Goodwin

      Hi franklin great advice keep up the good work . Do you recommed starting a general store or niche store ?

      • Franklin Hatchett

        +John Goodwin Just general and even general long term sometimes. General stores can do very well just make them nice and clean with a good name 🙂

    • Victor Colon

      Wow Bruh👍🏽
      We Love Your Advice👍🏽

      • celtaquatre passion

        your profile pic

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    • jdouglas8585

      You gotta tsk tsk tsk!

      • Franklin Hatchett

        Profit 😉

      • Kazzzzzo

        Franklin Hatchett What does k stand for?

      • Superhuman Fitness

        Kazzzzzo right? I’m so confused lol

      • ΛCE —

        Tsk is a sound u make with your mouth lol u guys seriously dont know or u joking? tsk tsk tsk wink lol its not a word. reason why he said u gotta tsk tsk tsk,… he was moking him

    • Eduardo Lima

      thank you for your advic my man!

    • Ilja Fritzler

      Great Advice Franklin, respect to bring that message stright to the point. Testing ist always important in each business

    • Sean Casey

      Still the realist dude online

    • Joe Goode

      Man, ur legit! Love all the info. Thank u

    • Throatcut Kills

      Awesome content! Your pc’s desktop gave me an OCD freak out haha

    • Dripik

      Thanks for the video man! Will try testing more products tomorrow!

      • Lucy Liu

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        contract me any time if you have any question, Tks

    • TheAFKBrains

      I am the 45.000 Abo ^^
      Oh and nice video. also greetings from germany.

    • Helen Rafuson

      Congratulations that a lot of you are making so much. I need your help. I was lured into paying a course that you offered with money back or refund. When I tried it, it is really a lot of work and needs a lot of skills as well that I still do not have. I requested for the Refund as per your offer in your launch but it has been three weeks, the first time I asked, I was told there is no problem, when it was almost deadline, there are issues raised, I still submitted, . Now still more your questions and warnings that you will not get a refund if this if that.For next sales of yours either do not include the money back offer. Or make it clear what you refund policy is. Your presentations looks easy but in reality it is not.

      • Pro tools& outdoors S

        Helen Rafuson hi I saw your comments if your in Australia join up to Afterpay interest free they integrate into your store .
        Why this is important is you get listed on there directory it’s huge in Australia get free traffic and people impulse buy a lot

      • Pro tools& outdoors S

        Helen Rafuson I advertised these products on fb marketplace as you only need one customer to buy with afterpay and you get listed on afterpay and my traffic was between 300-800 people on weekend per day

    • Jacqueline Samuels

      Thank you, common sense advice. Cheers

    • ROiDigitalgGroup

      Great Advice I just started few days ago and I see all the abandon cart emails…. going to email them today!

    • smoothvocs

      Thanks for the great info !! Very helpful.

    • Gavin Fox

      Great video bro! Thanks for the value!
      Btw im 17 year old entrepreneur making about 4k monthly income from online businesses🔥

    • Kstarplus

      Hey i am intersted in your course but i want to ask that is it outdated now ?Thank you

    • Ayrton S

      Logic and reasoning will get you from A to B. Creativity will take you everywhere – Albert Einstein. Love your vids bro!

    • Steve C

      Great advice, I have done some FB and Pinterest ads. Store been live for 5 weeks
      Had 2 sales
      Perhaps I need to do some testing etc

    • Mr X2020 for president

      I like to ask you a question or two

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