Hello everyone,

Today i’m going to tell you about the product i bought yesterday and what it can do to help you get started making some extra income online from internet marketing.

The programme i bought is a coaching programme called the John Thornhill Masterclass Programme.

The programme has been greatly reduced to a trial price of only $4.95 and this means you can try the programme for 4 full weeks for only $4.95 and if you you think this programme is not for you then there’s a full no questions asked money back gaurantee.

This programme is a 36 week course yes that’s right 36 weeks where John will take you by the hand and personally train you to become a full internet marketer.

Ok here we go, yesterday when i bought the Masterclass Programme i received my first week’s material’s to get started. Everything is taught to you by video where you watch John at his computer showing you exactly what to do and you just copy him. simple as that.

Theres also pdf instructions you can print off and follow if you don’t want to watch the video’s or you can simply use both.

I  got started today and the first thing you have to do is buy a domain name that you are going to use for your website. Then you need to find a hosting company to host your website’s on that you are going to be promoting.The next thing john teaches you is how to setup your website and install it to your domain name.

So far ive done all these things and its looking really good and i’m excited to get really into it now but i need to wait on week 2 materials coming now. Ive looked at all John’s websites and products a good few times now and i would say he’s one of the few internet marketer’s out there that is honest and genuine and probalbly one of the best to teach you how to make money on the internet.

Feel free to take a look at his coaching programme here, read all the information he gives and read the testimonials from a few internet marketer’s he has coached in the past, as i highly recommend john and will recommend him to anyone.

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