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So you wan't to make money blogging? I want to show you how I made my first $500 blogging online as a beginner. If you want to start a blog then this is for you!
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Over the last few years I've managed to grow multiple blogs to more than 100,000 page visits a month and 6 figures in monthly income. It wasn't always like this, blogging can be a struggle at the start. Starting a blog can put you in a good financial position in the future.

When I first started trying to make money blogging as a beginner I wasn't sure how to actually make money from the blog. The first step is to just start writing blog content so you can get it indexed in google. Once you have the pages in Google you can then start making money from you blog.

So how do you make money blogging? What I did was look into affiliate marketing, I put affiliate marketing links on my blog. When someone clicks that link I make money, this is how I made my first $500.

If you want to start a blog in 2020 then I recommend you focus on writing content first. Once you have written content then start getting your affiliate links ready. If you want to learn more about affiliate marketing with blogging I have left some tutorials below.

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*You can assume that I will receive a commission for anything I recommend. Any earnings or income representations are aspirational statements only and results are not typical. There is no guarantee that you’ll receive the same results or any results at all. Your results will depend entirely on your work ethic. These videos are for educational purposes only. Im also not a financial advisor.

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    • Franklin Hatchett

      That video like button needs some love! Give it a little tap. Online replying to ALL questions over next 24 hours.

      • eShare研究院

        Great content again Frank!
        Every time when I see your video, it gave me so much idea that I can use to promote my site and earn money online

      • Shacquille Brandt

        Hi sir, what is the best business idea to be doing during this coronavirus crisis for free with no money to start?

      • Giovanne Fuoriclasse Plaza Campione

        Franklin, I wanted to message you to fb mess but it redirected me here. Why you don’t have mastermind group? I like your ecom course but I would prefer to have a mentor and to have posibbility to hop on a call every once in a while.

    • Natural Health Tips Remedy

      I really want to make money doing this…

    • tageero #1 affiliate marketing

      never been this early

    • Zenperial

      The limits for affiliate marketing with this are endless🌟

    • Natural Health Tips Remedy

      Pls how can a beginner start blogging and make money?

    • Willie DeJarnette Marketer DNA

      Nice video Franklin. I love that you talked about long tail keywords.

    • Daryl Ballard

      Great tips Franklin! I was working hard on my YouTube channel and getting some results, but I was putting a short blog post up, just for fun each time I did a video. After a few months, I noticed the blog was getting me more leads than my videos were. I know this may not be forever, and i’m certainly not discouraging video, but do consider a blog.

    • sai Deepesh

      What is recommended among AdSense, Ezoic ,adthrive

      • Franklin Hatchett

        Prob Ad thrive or Ezoic, they pretty much the same. Ad thrive would be my first pick.

    • Kenta Goto

      Hey Frank, love your content. I think you started in BHW, is that right? I think that’s the community you were most involved in. I inspire to be like you. I made my first Clickbank sale last year and am now selling my website on flippa for over $4,000. Oh by the way, I think i saw some of your comments on Flippa :). Cheers mate from Chicago!

    • smaulpaul

      Are you expecting a big drop due to people having to be tight with their finances at the moment?

    • nur jannah

      1. Don’t expect instant immediate result
      2. Write what you enjoy
      3.using Google to find Long-tail keyword
      4.keep doing content
      5. Be active in niche community forum
      6. Take action

    • BestReviewWarrior

      Dropping valuable, valuable content as always. Thanks Franklin fro sharing

    • Conwell

      If l want to do an affiliate marketing blog, should l stick to one topic like click funnels, bluehost and other affiliates, if l want to review many affiliates.

    • Reshav

      hey franklin i am from india if i am consistent in blogging will google promote my blog to other countries or it will promote only in india

    • Lionise Education Center

      I was close to live in my car and this system saved me *E a s y L a p t o p L i f e .c o m*

    • Keto Recipes

      Another great video sensei! started my site a little less than a month ago. Writing a post today! Focused on putting content on it everyday! Thank you for the great course Franklin!🙂

    • Nelly Dauphiné

      Thank you for encouraging us to take action. You’re an angel.

      • celebrity news

        Hello can you ask a question please?

    • celebrity news

      What IS menant by qualifying sin up from visitors to earn 65$ does it mean the primery or initial sin up or the purchase of product/ service ? Sorry for this question i’am a beginner.

      • boxme business

        $65 is %40 u make from bluehost for a single sign up

      • celebrity news

        @boxme business can i talk you on WhatsApp please ?

    • Nikson

      Every Video of you Just Boost my Work passion 👌😍 Thanks


      Hey Franklin can you help with move sales volume on products from the Amway business and generating leads

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