Revealed: The Secrets our Clients Used to Earn $3 Billion

Have You Ever Wondered What’s The Greatest Money Making Model In The 21st Century? It’s All About The “Network Effect.” Discover How To Build Your Network And Become The Category King Or Queen In Your Niche TODAY: 

What do big names like Uber, Facebook, or Airbnb have in common? They are leveraging the greatest money making model in the 21st century. Watch the video to find out what it is. Learned something new? Share this with a friend.


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Dan Lok has been viewed more than 1.7+ billion times across social media for his expertise on how to achieve financial confidence. And is the author of over a dozen international bestselling books.

Dan has also been featured on FOX Business News, MSNBC, CBC, FORBES, Inc, Entrepreneur, and Business Insider.

In addition to his social media presence, Dan Lok is the founder of the Dan Lok Organization, which includes more than two dozen companies – and is a venture capitalist currently evaluating acquisitions in markets such as education, new media, and software.

Some of his companies include,, High Ticket Closers, High Income Copywriters and a dozen of other brands.

And as chairman of DRAGON 100, the world’s most exclusive advisory board, Dan Lok also seeks to provide capital to minority founders and budding entrepreneurs.

Dan Lok trains as hard in the Dojo as he negotiates in the boardroom. And thus has earned himself the name; The Asian Dragon.

If you want the no b.s. way to master your financial destiny, then learn from Dan. Subscribe to his channel now.

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Please understand that by watching Dan’s videos or enrolling in his programs does not mean you’ll get results close to what he’s been able to do (or do anything for that matter).

He’s been in business for over 20 years and his results are not typical.

Most people who watch his videos or enroll in his programs get the “how to” but never take action with the information. Dan is only sharing what has worked for him and his students.

Your results are dependent on many factors… including but not limited to your ability to work hard, commit yourself, and do whatever it takes.

Entering any business is going to involve a level of risk as well as massive commitment and action. If you're not willing to accept that, please DO NOT WATCH DAN’S VIDEOS OR SIGN UP FOR ONE OF HIS PROGRAMS.

This video is about The Greatest Money Making Model In The 21st Century.

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    • Wouter #yourpurpose

      Networking is more relevant than ever before in the history of humanity 🌍

      • Mr. Unbreakable 1


      • Iddy Shang'a

        yes agree

      • Sam Penney

        Totally agree with you, networking online that is!

    • G Healthy Tips

      May your dreams come through this month 🙏

      • Presley Elvis

        Mine is to get 500subs

      • Sam Penney

        And to you too!

      • G Healthy Tips

        @Presley Elvis May God grant your wish amen

      • Presley Elvis

        @G Healthy Tips amen

    • Reagan Ssembatya

      Dan Lok come to Uganda in Africa, we need your influence for our Economic Growth.

    • BizRich

      Nice! Good info. I’ve been telling people to start thinking like this. Be a connector between consumers and suppliers. Don’t purchase assets. I am making a video about starting a business structured around variable costs, not fixed costs. It kind of overlaps with some of these conceptss

      • Sam Penney

        Clear benefits of acting as the intermediary

      • BizRich

        @Sam Penney yes. 100% 👍


      “Create a Network and don’t just sell a product or service” …. never thought about it like that! Great advice as always!!!

      • Sam Penney

        Totally agree with you, networking is everything

    • Jemini Studio

      Dan is basically describing building an ecosystem that give you a unprecedented competitive advantage

    • Man-La King

      Wow 😍 I can’t just stop watching this brilliant mind LOK speaking what you need to hear. Thank you for inspiring us💪

      • Sam Penney

        Fantastic video, loves watching the power or networking

    • Insightful Businesses

      NETWORKING is there for a long time. When you understand the networking that’s the best business ever. What do you think?

      • Sam Penney

        Networking is everything, you can’t achieve things by yourself

      • Insightful Businesses

        @Sam Penney 100% agreed. The biggest benefit I have seen is a change in the thought process. When you network with rich mindsets you feel the difference in yourself,

      • Sam Penney

        Insightful Businesses you are the person who you socialise with!

      • Rishabh Goel

        I don’t think because if you see online the same product are much more cheaper than you are selling to the prospect

    • QuickFeed Videos

      I lost my job because of events happening in the world, so now I am making videos!

      • A Lp

        QuickFeed Videos good luck

      • Philip Jordan

        QuickFeed Videos I will go check you out and support if I like it!

    • Old Dudes Wisdom - Life requires Wisdom Channel

      Great explanation! Explains why investing in tomorrow’s technology today is more critical than ever 🖖

      • Sam Penney

        Technology power + networking

    • Bradley Taylor on Finance, Growth, Business

      Love it. The power of scale and networking is massive. It is like compound interest for businesses!

      • Sam Penney

        Exactly! If you are authentic, networking is very powerful

    • Howaito Rōzu Playz

      My mother and father watch Dan lok and I started watching this and This videos help me to make new friends!

    • Passive Income Tom

      *When everything around us changes, you have to adapt and change as well to see your riches.* 😉

      • Sam Penney

        Survival of the fittest maybe, scary times

      • Hazal Tiger

        Change yourself and sell your soul if you want, fragile human…

      • Hazal Tiger

        @Sam Penney I agree with it but not to change for fucking money and to think about money all the time… That’s what the poor do..

    • AwesomeTv mittyMuetolla

      Dan you are always genuinely accurate, network effect is making most of the money in this era. Dan u are always on point👌#perfect🤞

    • Yuan Hong

      Totally agree with Sifu Dan lok , in fact we can get even more clarity and information about network effect in the book “Zero to one” by Peter Thiel

    • Teddy Lur

      It’s really educating and inspiring listening to you Dan 💯

      • BroEd


    • Sumanyu Sharma

      Hey Dan, how you got to, and got found at the marketplace where you added value with your high income skills to the market in exchange of money.
      As you say it wasn’t a conventional 9-5 job, but a marketplace.
      Please tell, Let this be a secret no more. :p

    • David Winzer

      So with ATTENTION being the new currency, we could say:

      SCALE — as your customer base increases, you become more valuable because your FINANCIAL COSTS go down,

      NETWORK — as your customer base increases, you become more valuable because your ATTRACTIVENESS/ATTENTION goes up.

      Something like that, Sifu?

    • Pro Wizard

      This guy. Scamming dumb ppl that actually believe they will make money from this guru

    • Dummy Dummy

      What I’ve learnt:
      Connect the people who can give value and the people who needs value.

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