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WordPress made it easy for anyone to create a website. It's easy to use, it's fast, it doesn't require a lot of technical knowledge. Heck, even someone like me who's not a developer can do things like SEO and modify WordPress with a breeze. Today I'm going to cover the perfect SEO setup for WordPress: 8 plugins to skyrocket your ratings and traffic.

WordPress Mistakes to AVOID for Startup Websites:

Some of the most important factors that Google looks into in order to rank your site are some of the following: user experience, on-page SEO, site speed, mobile-friendliness, internal link structure, structured markups, all these things impact your ranking, and there's hundreds of other factors.

There's over 200 factors that Google includes in their algorithm, and today I'm going to share with you plugins that'll help you do all of these things, plus more, in a really easy and controlled way.

Plugin number one, W3 Total Cache.

Look, load time is super important, especially because people are using mobile devices now.

Yes, there's 4G, there's 5G, you know, LTE, whatever you wind up calling it, but the problem with mobile devices is if you're in a place that doesn't have the best reception I don't care if you have a 5G phone, you're not going to load websites really fast.

The W3 Total Cache plugin, it ensures that your site will load as fast as you possibly can. It'll improve load times, it'll help you connect with CDNs, it makes better use of your server resources so that way your server doesn't have to continue to push the same content over and over again.

Instead it caches it so it can deliver it to the user as quick as possible, and if you have a really good hosting provider they have caching built in, but most of the hosting providers that I've seen don't have caching built in, hence I'm wrecking, recommending the W3 Total Cache plugin.

Another plugin that you need to check out is the Smush Image Compression plugin.

If you're creating blog content, and hey, you're on a WordPress blog, or WordPress as a CMS, there's a good chance you at least have a blog article or two, and in that blog article what do you think you're including?

Images, if you're not you should change that and go add images right away.

The Smush Image Compression plugin, what this does is ensures that your images still look really good and quality, so that way when someone looks at them they don't look all pixelated and fuzzy, they still look really sharp, but this decreases the size of the image in which I'm talking about the server size, right, that hard drive space that it's taking up, so when people ping your site it loads much faster.

The third plugin that you have to use is a Yoast SEO plugin.

It does everything from on-page optimization, controlling your meta tags, your title tags.

It even analyzes your content, telling you if you're doing a good job or a bad job. It creates sitemaps for you, helps with structure and markup. It does pretty much what most things that you need if you want to ensure that your WordPress blog is SEO-friendly.

Now look, WordPress out of the box is pretty SEO-friendly, but this plugin puts those last, final touches that are really important. Most people think like, "Oh yeah. If I do most of the things, that's fine."

No, that used to work five, six years ago, but SEO has changed.

Now Google wants you to do every little thing right, and when you combine them all that's when you see the climb in ranking, the extra search traffic, and this plugin will really help you get there.

So, use these eight plugins, you'll find that your rankings will start going up over time, especially if you haven't used any of them, but when you start combining all of them it does help quite a bit.

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      Do you have a WordPress-based website? Let me know in the comments what platform you’re using. Are you using WordPress, are you using Wix, let me know.

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      I have been doing that for my clients and my own WordPress websites for 10 years now! WordPress is highly recommended platform from my side! Thanks for these plugins, *this content is gold* 🙏

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      This guide was very helpful! I already started adding some of these plugins to my website. Thanks!

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      You have really recommended new plugins except one or two! I will definitely try those new plugins! Good job Neil! Thanks in advance!

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        I am glad you liked it!

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      If I have already installed SSL provided by Hoster, then should I use Really Simple SSL plugin???

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        Thanks for the solid answer, Milan 🙂

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      This was a video for beginners, now please make a video with more advanced WP SEO optimizations, it would be the video of the year 🙂

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        Some of us are beginners and appreciate the information here. Thx Neil.

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      Using WordPress and the 3 plugins

    • Matthew Klodt

      The SMUSH image compression plug recently added an ‘image Lazy-Load’ feature that works really well and has lots of different settings if you want to exclude specific images from lazy loading.

      Personally, I prefer using SMUSH’s lazy load feature instead of a separate plugin for lazy-loading in order to consolidate plugins to improve page speed & overall website performance.

      • Neil Patel

        Interesting. Thank you for sharing, Matthew!

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      Sir Thank You again with your plugin suggestion I decreased my website page speed to 1.2sec.

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      Great video, thank you. I’ve heard having too many plugins can slow down your site. Is this true?

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        I have literally been developing websites for over a decade and only found out about elementor 3 days ago haha. We are using thrive – very similar

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      Thank you Neil for recommending AMP for WordPress plugin. We are glad that plugin is helping and very honoured to be in the list.

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        Indeed is very good plugin, very comprehensive.

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        Accelerated Mobile Pages, I have been using this plugin for 2 years. Support team are prompt to resolve any queries and also have regular updates for their extensions. Good work guys 😊

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        @Kumar Mudaliar thank you very much for your feedback, it means a lot to us and we are glad that our plugin is helping you out and making amp easy, so you can focus on what you do best. Thanks once again 😊

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        This plugin messed up my images as many of the plugins like Elementor are not compatible.

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      Thank you, Neil, for sharing your insights, tips and tricks. The tools will empower digital marketers and create a measurable impact on KPI’S.

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    • Tiziana Nenezic

      I’m on WP. Thank you for the great content, as always. How many plug-ins is too many? I want to add the ones you’re suggesting (I have some but not all), but I’m afraid they might slow down my site. Currently, I have 25 active plug-ins. Thank you!

      • Neil Patel

        Use the plugins that you absolutely need. It’s easy to keep adding plugins thinking they are necessary but only focus on using the ones that you need the most.

      • Tiziana Nenezic

        @Neil Patel Thank you!!

    • Andy T

      I switched from Wix to WP a few weeks ago and it’s been the best choice I’ve made. The SEO plugins are amazing!

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        That’s great, Andy!

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        Are you getting more traffic due to the switch from Wix to WP?

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        Andy T wix is easy to start but they lack of many thing. I gave them an try but it doesn’t let me do something that I need to do. Only downside with WordPress is it doesn’t have an editor but it can install plugin to do that.

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        Thank you, Dave 🙂 I appreciate that

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      Sir please tell me that if i install these 6-7 plugin along with other 8-9 required plugins does my website’s performance get effected? Bcz i think by using too much plugins site loads slowly.
      If i am wrong then please guide me. Thank you

      • Neil Patel

        Downloading too many plugins can affect site speed to be sure to keep an eye on that!

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      Just found you on YouTube. I’m on WordPress for my business. Thanks for this video

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      Neil, great video. Thank’s! Another great theme would be next generation images for wordpress

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      You are an inspiration…you’ve made me start my 1st blog. Keep inspiring many more.🙏

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