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Let’s face it: being an entrepreneur is a current trend. But not everyone is cut out to be a business owner. Make sure to watch this video and learn the top 7 things not to do when starting a business. Learned something new? Share this video with a fellow aspiring entrepreneur.


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Dan Lok has been viewed more than 1.7+ billion times across social media for his expertise on how to achieve financial confidence. And is the author of over a dozen international bestselling books.

Dan has also been featured on FOX Business News, MSNBC, CBC, FORBES, Inc, Entrepreneur, and Business Insider.

In addition to his social media presence, Dan Lok is the founder of the Dan Lok Organization, which includes more than two dozen companies – and is a venture capitalist currently evaluating acquisitions in markets such as education, new media, and software.

Some of his companies include,, High Ticket Closers, High Income Copywriters and a dozen of other brands.

And as chairman of DRAGON 100, the world’s most exclusive advisory board, Dan Lok also seeks to provide capital to minority founders and budding entrepreneurs.

Dan Lok trains as hard in the Dojo as he negotiates in the boardroom. And thus has earned himself the name; The Asian Dragon.

If you want the no b.s. way to master your financial destiny, then learn from Dan. Subscribe to his channel now.

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Please understand that by watching Dan’s videos or enrolling in his programs does not mean you’ll get results close to what he’s been able to do (or do anything for that matter).

He’s been in business for over 20 years and his results are not typical.

Most people who watch his videos or enroll in his programs get the “how to” but never take action with the information. Dan is only sharing what has worked for him and his students.

Your results are dependent on many factors… including but not limited to your ability to work hard, commit yourself, and do whatever it takes.

Entering any business is going to involve a level of risk as well as massive commitment and action. If you're not willing to accept that, please DO NOT WATCH DAN’S VIDEOS OR SIGN UP FOR ONE OF HIS PROGRAMS.

This video is about The Top 7 Things NOT To Do When Starting A Business.

    28 replies to "The Top 7 Things NOT To Do When Starting A Business"

    • Man-La King

      You always hit me with your point, you’re the Man to inspire the young Men like us. Thank you. Watching from Kenya 🇰🇪💯🤛

    • Jade Choi - Million Dollar Challenge

      1. Don’t start a business when you are desperate
      2. Don’t start a business if you don’t know how to close
      3. Don’t start a business if you don’t understand the industry
      4. Don’t start a business because you’re sick of your job or hate your boss
      5. Don’t start a business simply because your family and friends tell you it is a good idea
      6. Don’t start a business thinking how much money you can make
      7. Don’t start a business unless you are willing to commit 10-20 years to a business

      • Sam's World

        Then it’s better not to even think of starting a business itself 🤔🤔


        @Sam’s World 🤣🤣😅

      • Alex Copeland

        Very misleading advice.

      • Hannita beauty Sison

        Good thing I didn’t hear this before I started my own! I would have never done it lol I would have been too scared!

    • Classy entrepreneurss - Shule Yashar

      “Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill.

    • Grow Your Wealth

      There is no Tomorrow. Start now! 🙏

      • Danan Whiddon


      • Grow Your Wealth

        @Danan Whiddon Amen! 💪

      • Solomon Murphy

        Yes, you will NEVER have freedom if you’re working for someone else

    • Old Dudes Wisdom - Life requires Wisdom Channel

      Business opportunities are like Buses, there is always another one coming. But always do your homework first 🖖

    • 1.5k Subs Before Tomorrow

      Claim your “here before a million views” ticket here

    • 1.5k Subs Before Tomorrow

      Dear stranger who reads this may you and your family live for 100 years!!!

    • 1.5k Subs Before Tomorrow

      Fun Fact:The people who say “First”   “Second”   “Third”   haven’t even watched half of the video

    • Bukan Aaron Kim

      Question you must know about your industry
      1. What do u know about the industry
      2. Who is your ideal customer
      3. How are u gonna reach them
      4. What are their frustration
      5. What are their goals
      6. What qualifies you to be in this space
      7. How much you know them
      8. Do you have any credibilities
      9. Do you understand what they are going through on a daily basis
      10. Do you understand the emotional needs

    • Haris King - Million Dollar Entrepreneur

      *Compare yourself to who you were yesterday not to who someone else is today*

      Good luck to all my fellow entrepreneurs 🙌🙌🙌

      • DEO TV

        Nice quote

    • Ur Business Bud

      Doing something you love and passionate about and figuring out how to serve people through it then eventually monetizing it is still the best model we can do. Thanks for the inspiration Sifu Dan!

    • Black Vito - Moneyology

      Avoid starting with a lot of debt if possible

    • 1sub B4 2021

      Whoever is reading this:
      Your skin isn’t paper don’t cut it
      Your body isn’t a book don’t judge it
      Your heart isn’t a door don’t lock it
      Your life isn’t a movie don’t end it
      you’re beautiful
      be you…stay safe
      (By the way I’m also a small YouTuber looking for your support)
      I didn’t create this quote
      just wanna spread positivity❤️

    • Joy Mae - Millennial Money Talk

      Starting a business means learning how to learn from mistakes and not consider them as failures ONLY

    • AllShaaaallPerish

      Number one thing to avoid: starting your business anywhere near a democrat city.


      Success and growth doesn’t happened in a day it is an entire process so don’t feel discouraged

    • Fabian Hernandez

      it takes times to be a good entrepreneur it takes time to find out a profitable business it takes a lot of things to make business work, do not negociate do not build a team do not raise capital do you know how to market do you know how to sell do not handle conflicts do you understand strategy do you understand business model do you understand different legal entities that you could take advantage of do you have a basic understanding of the tax law in your country 🤮
      you have to have something that is truly unique that you bring to the marketplace, you can add more value or solve a problem that’s not being solved at the moment and that’s what gives you the right to start a business in that particular industry 🙂

    • Scott Edward - Real Estate

      People fail because of either:

      1. Lack of brains
      2. Lack of effort

      -Mark Cuban

    • Ralf Armbrüster

      Actually my family and friends told me, it is NOT a good idea (so opposite than #5 in the video). I did it anyway, with baaad results in the beginning. Today I would never ever want to miss it being an entrepreneur.

    • Alex B

      Moral of the story, don’t start a business and buy my $2500 course….

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