Revealed: The Secrets our Clients Used to Earn $3 Billion

Someone just paid $100 million for this affiliate marketing website! This website makes over $1 million a month in profit. Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money and it's what I do to make most of my money online.

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I love affiliate marketing website and one of the biggest ones in the world just sold for $102 million dollars! Affiliate marketing is when you promote someones product for a commission. You can do this by building a website based on a specific product then promoting products in that niche.

The website is called The Penny Hoarder and it was started in 2010 by someone who was in 50k student debt! Just shows that you don't need loads of money to start a website and do affiliate marketing. That's why I like this business model you don't need to have a lot of money to get started.

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    • Franklin Hatchett

      Winners from the last video! Any questions let me know below!
      Jianu Marian& Lisa Pearlman
      My Other Tutorials
      📺 Clickbank Series:
      📺 Affiliate Marketing Series:

      • werpa ranger

        Interesting! 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

    • Guillaume Kodzo

      First to watch and comment ❤

    • Inspired Millionaire - Make Money Online

      Ooooo My God. That’s once lifetime earning hhhhhh….indeed affiliate marketing is gold mine

      • Oscar Waiharo

        Your comments are on every affiliate marketing channel!

      • Inspired Millionaire - Make Money Online

        @Oscar Waiharo yes mate that’s because I like been in the circle of like minded individuals…..hope you er not offended by that???

    • Rose lets work in PJs

      Wow! That is amazing!

    • 16Gym

      how much you think TechRadar is worth?

    • money online


    • Moji

      Thanks Franklin. This is very encouraging especially the way you talked about how the website evolved to it’s present state. I was so tired and overwhelmed about my website thinking it wasn’t good like other great sites. Now I know better. Tnx again my Coach 😊.

    • Harpreet06

      I wouldn’t pay that much for that website.

    • Man-lyk Slurry

      I cant register for clickbank

    • Mike Hird

      It’s maybe odd that I’ve NEVER heard of, or seen, these two websites. However, here in the UK a similar one was sold for £87m in 2012. It was started in 2003 for around £100. There’s hope for us yet!

    • Adam Jon Berry

      Franklin how long does it take for you to get traffic on your website? Does it depend on the amount of content you publish?

    • Ash Mail

      Sir please replay. What is best and high commission paying physical product (not digital stuff) I mean dropshipping cpa network and website?

    • Biniyam Assefa

      We need this kind of video it motivate ourselves to do better so thanks franklin…
      I see other videos on YouTube but yours is the best with better explanation & easy to follow so please make a video on amazon audible???

    • FOUAD

      very motivating
      thank you

    • Rahul VR

      Please can you advice how to learn in depth about domain flipping


      Frankiln thank you for every single video you are making for us 🙂 you are AWESOME! I have question for you: how to monetize Pet website? I am implementing a lot of your methods but how to get some cash? Low keywords targeting, Quora question answering , Pinterest pins directed to my site… started email list but NO convesion?!! I wrote you once but NO answer. Thank you

    • Max Ost

      We need a cours not that man

    • Ross Minchev

      I’ve been following Penny Hoarder for years and have even gathered some ideas from them about advertorial landing pages. They do a lot of lead gen.

    • caano nuug

      hello bro if i ask you in allifiate marketing do i need Facebook ads or google ads because i stopped using shopify because of shopify banned my account

    • ClickEnt

      Please make a video on how to make backlinks for affiliates sites and improving rankings.

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