This is my first blog post.

Today i have been on the internet for about say roughly 5 hours looking around some internet marketers websites to see what they have to offer to help you get started online.

One of the best sites i came across was John Thorhill’s blog which is absolutely packed full with tons of information including  great ebooks at reasonable prices, theres a FREE 7 day course giving you the 7 key elements to online success if you wish to learn how to make money online. You just fill in your name and email address and he will deliver it straight to your inbox 7 days in a row.

He also has Free stuff he gives away that could be crucial to help you build an online business for yourself.There’s product reviews,training videos and he also does online coaching where he takes you from absolute beginner to full-time internet marketer even if you know nothing about the internet or computers.

His coaching has been reasonably priced where the average person on low income can afford it so you don’t need to be filthy rich to get started in online marketing.

I have had a long look through this coaching programme John has on offer and i’m seriously thinking about joining it as from what i have seen and read today i really do think John can help me to learn internet marketing as he looks to be a genuine honest guy that wants to help other people to succeed and not just take your money and run as most marketer’s on here do 99% of the time.

Well i could write and write all day about what i’ve been doing online today but i’m going to take a look at John’s coaching programme again ( i think i will register for it) before i have to get ready to go to work for a 10 hour nightshift.

I will let you all know if i take up John’s coaching programme in my next post.

Until then

Have a great night


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